Domestic Helper & Ex-Employer’s Dispute Involved Police, Snacks & Expired Shampoo

Domestic Helper Allegedly Preferred To “Walk Around The House In A Towel”

Ever heard of a domestic helper who demands for specific brands of snacks, and then accuses you of being stingy and poor if you don’t hand them over?

Or maybe one who blames the cleaning equipment for slipshod housework, attempts to sow discord within your family, leaves the house at odd hours, and makes dubious video calls to unknown men in the night?

This was the conduct a domestic helper allegedly displayed to her employer.

That is, if Mrs Amy Tree’s Facebook post published on Monday (22 Oct) is to be believed.


In a bid to warn others about her experience, Mrs Tree took to Facebook to share her story.

Ms Halar, the domestic helper involved in the dispute, has also shared her side of the situation here.

The first hire

Mrs Tree revealed in her post that this was the first domestic helper she has ever hired.

She explained that Ms Halar shared that her ex-employer mistreated her.

Due to this, Mrs Tree says she began treating Ms Halar like a decorated house guest — buying her gifts, bringing her for buffets, and so on.

Mrs Tree’s helper, however, allegedly did not return the favour.

Branded snacks & nightly aircon

Weeks into her employment, she allegedly began making more demands like nightly air-conditioning, a closet for her dresses, daily time-off, and particular brands of snacks.

Mrs Tree also alleges that her attitude also took a turn for the worse — Ms Halar threw “frequent tempers” and “hurled insults” at Mrs Tree. When it came to housework and taking care of Mrs Tree’s newborn baby, Halar would always “find excuses to avoid them”.

Whenever Mrs Tree and her family took her out, she would always be immodestly dressed. Observing her on such outings, Mrs Tree said,

(She) pretend(s) she is not a maid, (and) seduces (other) men when she (has) the chance.

Leaving the house

On 11 Oct at 9pm, Halar left the house without Mrs Tree’s permission. When she returned at 11pm, she demanded that Mrs Tree return her mobile phone and passport.

When Mrs Tree refused, Halar allegedly raised her voice, an act which eventually woke Mrs Tree’s baby up.

Fearing further escalation, Mrs Tree called the police. Halar then told Mrs Tree that when the police arrived, she would accuse Mrs Tree of abuse.

“Lying” to the police

And true to her promise, she did. Halar started crying in front of the police officers, and accused Mrs Tree of:

  1. Not giving her enough food
  2. Not allowing her enough rest
  3. Forcing her to massage Mrs Tree till very late hours
  4. Providing her only expired shampoo & shower foam


The accusations took Mrs Tree by surprise. She quickly pulled footage from the CCTV and showed the officers how the family had always been treating her well. Halar often eats before Mrs Tree and her husband does, and since the start of her employment, has gained a total of 6kg.

Unusual daytime habits

The CCTV footage also revealed Halar’s unusual daytime habits, which included taking long afternoon naps and hour-long showers. She was also seen going around the house with just a towel wrapped around her body.


After going through the footage, Mrs Tree challenged Ms Halar to accuse her as she had earlier promised to.

She also warned Halar that making a false report is a very serious offence. Ms Halar, knowing that she had no evidence, remained quiet.

Domestic helper responds to the allegations

Halar told her side of the story in a series of screenshots she posted on her Facebook page.

She claimed that Mrs Tree had never once raised the issue of her outfits. In fact, according Halar, Mrs Tree sometimes walked around the house in just her lingerie too.

As for the snacks and the chocolates, Halar explained that she only made the requests after learning that Mrs Tree had eaten them all up.

Following the refutations, Halar counter-accused Mrs Tree of spinning lies on Facebook.

Send help pls

After 3 months of employment, Mrs Tree sent Halar back to her agency.

She then found out that Halar has been transferred 3 to 4 times within the same year.

We think the main takeaway from this domestic dispute would be to always check a potential hire’s employment record, and make sure all expectations are laid out before sealing the deal.

Hopefully Mrs Tree and Halar will be able to work out an amicable solution to this situation soon.

Featured image from Facebook.

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