FairPrice Has Häagen-Dazs At $9.95/Pint For Those Who Need To Chill After WFH

FairPrice Selling 2 Pints Of Häagen-Dazs For $19.90

After a long day of work, we all need some down time to chill out. If you’re working from home, what better way is there to relax after slogging than with some Netflix and chill?

It’s not what you’re thinking – what we mean is you can kick back with a tub of ice cream as Netflix plays in the background.

Here’s the inside scoop to help you get there: FairPrice is now offering 2 tubs of Häagen-Dazs ice cream for just $19.90.


Very cool of you, FairPrice, for allowing us to enjoy some delicious ice cream without hurting our wallets.

$9.95 per pint of Häagen-Dazs

Indulging in your favourite ice cream can be a guilty pleasure for many reasons.

FairPrice can at least help ease one of these guilt trips – the painful price tag on indulgence – with their Häagen-Dazs promotions.


It’s offering 2 tubs of Häagen-Dazs ice cream for just $19.90 – that means 1 pint would amount to just $9.95.

With the original price of 2 tubs being $29, that’s a deal worth melting for.

Flavours for everyone

Whether the flavour of the day for you is plain vanilla or something a little sweeter or more complex, Häagen-Dazs got you covered.

You can’t go wrong with the classics. Satisfy your chocolate cravings with this exquisite Belgian chocolate flavour.

It includes creamy chocolate ice cream sprinkled with chocolate fudge flecks, for the ultimate chocolate indulgence.


Caffeine lovers can enjoy the aromatic deliciousness of this classic coffee flavour.

The concoction of creamy ice cream with quality coffee will satisfy even self-proclaimed coffee connoisseurs.


For those that need to add a little crunch to your ice cream, Macadamia Nut is the flavour for you.

The buttery macadamia nut chunks blend nicely with the creamy consistency of the ice cream.


The wide selection at FairPrice really allows you to just go nuts in picking what you want.

Also available online

For homebodies that prefer to have your goodies delivered to your doorstep, rejoice at this news: FairPrice’s Häagen-Dazs promotion is even available at FairPrice’s online store.


The temptation is truly real — last we checked, there are 17 flavours to choose from.

Head down to FairPrice

Nothing mobilises Singaporeans more quickly than a good deal.

The last time a supermarket had a Häagen-Dazs sale, the shelves were quickly wiped out.

So head down quickly to a FairPrice near you to check out promotion.

You can find your nearest FairPrice outlet with their store locator here.

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Google Maps.

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