Fiery Sunset With Cotton Candy Clouds Spotted On 7 Feb, Rich Colours Mesmerise S’poreans

Fiery Sunset Greets Singaporeans On People’s Day

Singapore’s weather is either hot or wet. While we may not get to relish the beauty of autumn leaves or winter frost, once in a while, Mother Nature rewards us with some equally beautiful sights like this fiery sunset.

On Monday (7 Feb), people spotted the spectacular sight along with cotton candy clouds around Singapore.

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If you missed it, this mesmerising scene was, thankfully, captured in photos and shared online.

Singaporeans marvel at fiery sunset on 7 Feb

Instead of a gloomy evening sky yesterday (7 Feb), Singapore residents were greeted by the most vibrant, fiery sunset.

Naturally, many of them marvelled at the sight and wasted no time trying to immortalise the mesmerising phenomenon for social media, like this Facebook user.

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Coincidentally, the OP pointed out that it was Renri – which literally means “People’s Day” in Chinese – on the 7th day of Chinese New Year.

In the pictures, the sky was painted an intense orange that looked almost like fire.

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The fiery sky was also seen at Marina Bay Sands.

Cotton candy clouds accompany breathtaking sunset

In a separate post, another Facebook user shared a photo of the sunset from the heartlands.

sunset clouds


The sky was a beautiful combination of pink, purple, and blue. As if absorbing the colours in the sky, the clouds looked like the cotton candy we used to get at pasar malams.

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People were quick to agree that this was a beautiful sight.

fiery sunset Source

Nothing can compare to nature’s work of art.

Hope to see more breathtaking photos of Singapore’s sky

While these photos are undeniably gorgeous, it must have been even more exhilarating to see them in person.

It was definitely a welcome gift to start the week.

If you were unable to see the fiery sunset and cotton candy clouds yesterday, let’s hope that more beautiful sunsets will come our way soon.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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