Fort Canning MRT Staff Displays Peak Kindness, Gives Lost Singaporean $2 So She Can Go Home

Bringing along a phone while exercising or jogging can be rather cumbersome, and so some choose to leave it at home. But that can cause other issues, as a Singaporean found out while she was trying out a new 10km route.

Lost and unsure of where she’d ended up, she finally managed to find an MRT station and was prepared to walk home from there. At least, that was until the kind MRT station staff gave her $2 out of his own pocket.

The thankful netizen took to social media to applaud the staff, stationed at Fort Canning MRT station.


A little kindness sure goes a long way. In this case, more than 6 stations and 2 train changes.

Lost while trying out new jogging route

The netizen, identified as Ms Chan, was out on a 10km run alone on Sunday (31 May) morning, after a feast the night before.

While Ms Chan doesn’t seem to be a stranger to running, the route she decided to take was rather unfamiliar, as she’d only encountered it once during the Standard Chartered Marathon in 2019.

Soon, the buildings around her started looking the same and, being directionally-challenged, she got lost.

Unfortunately, Ms Chan brought nothing along with her but her keys, meaning she couldn’t just Grab or take a taxi home. Nor could she find her way around with Google Maps.

Found Fort Canning MRT station after 2 hours of wandering around

2 hours of twists and turns later, as well as a stranger’s help, she finally stumbled upon an MRT station.


However, she had no means of taking the train home due to her lack of money. Regardless, she was hopeful that the walk home might not be that bad and so approached the operating office for directions.

Operator gives $2 out of his own pocket

The operator pored over his binder, checking the list of fares to get to each MRT station. He’d probably dealt with numerous similar requests thanks to tourists and whatnot.

Somehow, she’d ended up more than 6 stations away from her place, including the need to change lines twice.

Then he stood up and got out his wallet to take out $2, then handed it to Ms Chan.

She was shooketh, to say the least. Instead of directions, she received the fare needed to take the train home.

He said,

It’s okay, Hari Raya la.

This was probably in response to how shook she was. After several protestations and him insisting that it was okay, Ms Chan finally gave in. However, she promised that she’d return to pay him back.

Gesture makes Ms Chan miss social interactions more

Staying at home most days due to the CB period got many, including Ms Chan, feeling down, as social interactions were limited.

Turns out we do need these little gestures to keep us going.

The kindness shown made Ms Chan look forward to the day where Singapore has no more Covid-19 cases. And thanks to the operator, she didn’t have to walk the 6 stations home.

Ms Chan with her standard ticket kindly funded by the station operator

Ending off the post, she light-heartedly asks SBS Transit – which manages the Downtown Line – to give the man a raise for his good deed.

Kudos to the operator, who sadly remains unnamed — surely he deserves some recognition for his selflessness.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Wikimedia Commons.