Furpal Launches Dog Visiting Service From $10/Hour, Netizens Have Mixed Feelings About The App

Furpal App Allows You To Visit Dogs In Singapore

Many of us would love to own dogs if given the chance to, but are unable to due to various reasons like space and commitment issues.

With Furpal – a Singapore-based company – dog lovers will now be able to visit other pet owner’s dogs for just $10/hour in the comfort of the dog and owner’s homes.

This isn’t just great for dog ‘borrowers’, it also allows the dog to make new friends and enjoy extra playtime.

Here’s more information on the website.

Visit dogs to spend time with them

The website basically helps to connect ‘dog borrowers’ with ‘dog owners’.


Busy dog owners can use the Furpal platform to find a socialising partner for their pets, all while earning money to alleviate their costs of owning a dog.


Dog ‘borrowers’, on the other hand, get to enjoy the companionship of a canine, without having to own one themselves.


Those in need of a “walking buddy” can also find a partner through the Furpal website.

Dogs of various breeds available to visit

A myriad of dog breeds are available on their website, ranging from Golden Retrievers to Corgis.


The matchmaking fees seem to be at a flat rate of $10/hour.

As of the time of this article, around 78 dogs are available for ‘furdates’ on the website.

Dog ‘borrowers’ can also filter through the selection of dogs by indicating their preferred location.

If you’re interested in ‘dating’ a dog, you can sign up as a member via the Furpal website here.

From there, find the dog that you’d like to visit and send its owner a request and message.

May not be for every dog

However, Furpal isn’t really for casual dog lovers, it’s more for potential owners who’d like to have a taste of ‘owning’ one for a short period before making the commitment themselves.

Pet owners would also get to ‘interview’ potential borrowers before setting them up on the play-date.

That said, dogs are living creatures too, and have their own personalities and preferences.

Not every dog will be suitable for this service, so pet owners should also be extra careful about signing up unwilling pets.

Featured image adapted from Furpal

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