Kiddos Can Summon MRTs With This AR Card Game To Learn About Transport

AR Card Game ‘Get It Matched’ Helps WFH Parents Teach Hands-On Kiddos

Most parents on Work-From-Home (WFH) arrangements agree that juggling both work & family commitments is a little like balancing on a tightrope.

On one hand, it’s tempting to allow the adorable antics of our children take us away from endless Zoom conferences with clients.


But time saved on our daily commutes, can also mean more opportunities for quality time with the kiddos.

That’s where this bold AR card game by a local start-up keenly breaks into the scene.

get it matched

Here’s how they hope to blur the lines between playtime and learning to help merge virtual reality with tactile learning for preschoolers in our new normal.

Tactile learning doesn’t have to be boring

As kidults ourselves, we completely understand the allure of quality animation in full HD glory to young children.


That’s why pairing a matching card game with an Augmented Reality (AR) function creates a teaching moment that can be unpacked in 2 different ways.

get it matchedGet it Matched! – S$26.91* (UP: S$29.90, 10% off via ‘SG55’)
Image courtesy of Unified Games

First, traditional matching cards to train cognition & recognition.

Second, activating a child’s imagination with an AR visualisation of the keyword or concept taught.

So if your children are glued to their iPads all the time, you can ensure that they’re actively filling their minds with the stuff that matters too.

Hyperlocal cards for young citizens

Covid-19 has changed almost every part of our lifestyle. We’ve begun to view our careers in a different light. Juggling between work, household chores, and keeping the kiddos happy is now part and parcel of the daily grind.

Hyperlocal cards help draw the focus to allow children aged 3-6 to recognise key shapes, concepts & familiar parts of Singapore life.


At the touch of a fingertip, you can summon MRTs, LRTs, and even our iconic buses to impart lessons about transport.

get it matchedSource

Hones focus for learning of house rules

Education isn’t just about imparting hard skills — but rather a resilient spirit & thirst for knowledge.

get it matched

Discipline & focus are values that can be inculcated through interactive playtime — how ever parents choose to play it, on iPads or smartphones on-the-go.


That way, teaching our kids to respect ‘work’ time versus ‘play’ time will also be a lot easier — with an immersive experience either way.

10% off Get it Matched just in time for NDP

Just as the anticipated long weekend for our nation’s birthday rolls around, Unified Games – the brains behind Get it Matched! – will be offering a 10% discount for all purchases.

Just remember to enter ‘SG55’ upon checkout to claim the offer for a limited period of 55 days.

You can head here to find out more about the playstyles which may be paired with their free AR app for Apple & Android devices respectively.

Feel free to slide into their DMs for enquiries.

Brave new world of endless possibilities

Juggling multiple priorities as parents & grandparents isn’t easy, and hasn’t been over the course of many generations.

What’s changed, however, is a clear trajectory towards alternative schooling methods & AR technology. The role of devices in the next few decades will continue to evolve — making it crucial that we shape their roles in our children’s lives at an earlier stage.

With cool new tech to guide us into a brave new world of endless possibilities, we should still remember to dedicate our hours to spending quality time with those we love — arguably one of the greatest lessons from ‘Circuit Breaker’.

Quality time that’s better spent filling the minds of our young ones, not just with flashy iPad cartoons, but everything that helps them shape Singapore’s society tomorrow.

This post is brought to you in collaboration with Unified Games.

Featured image courtesy of MS News.

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