Photographer Captures Geylang Serai Market In Black Hues, Makes It Look Futuristic

Geylang Serai Market Looks Mysterious & Futuristic In Local Photographer’s Pictures

Photographs taken from an unusual perspective make everyday spaces seem like they’re from another time and place. This seems to be the case for local photographer – Nur Alym Juma’at – who captured a futuristic-looking Geylang Serai Market in black hues.

Nearby residents can recall the hustle and bustle of the busy market, but this album makes it seem like a setting of Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite film — at least in terms of color grading.


While the future will always be unpredictable, we imagine that the dystopian version of Geylang Serai Market would look like this.

Dystopian market with black hues

Traversing the cramped market to peruse ingredients is a common task. But the sight of this fish stall at contrasting lighting conditions makes the mundane task of browsing fish a much more compelling sight.


Due to the pandemic, we often refer to the present as “dark times”. However, you’ll literally feel that your present prospects are dim upon spotting this lone uncle waiting for customers.


This photo captured from behind some sort of safety net adds to the sense of desolation, as though you’re looking out to a strange version of a familiar place.


You may have gotten used to the new normal in wet markets, but here’s the view from the merchant’s side. We sincerely hope that this auntie has enough patrons to keep her business running.


We’ve seen cityscapes from up above, but this is an overhead view of our local market at present. Eagle-eyed readers can tell passersby are consciously maintaining a distance from those around them.


Cautious shoppers in a busy market

In this day and age, we never venture outside without face masks. As we enter Phase 2, it seems we’re getting our old lives back, though we have to be wary of everything around us.


While before, the crowds at Geylang Serai Market were signs of life and exuberance, now the sight of people in masks creates a more mellow atmosphere.


Even amid the current crisis, it’s business as usual for these merchants. This photo mirrors the gloomy undertone of current times, so we’re hoping we can see a brighter version in the next few months.


A darker side to Geylang Serai Market

The photo album by Nur Alym Juma’at makes our local market seem like a scene from a dark dystopian film. It manages to capture the gloomy and uncertain atmosphere, yet make it seem strangely beautiful.

All of us are waiting for the present to pass and move on to a better time. However, this album reminds us that there’s always beauty in our day to day life.

We’re curious to know how the Geylang Serai Market will evolve as we tide over the Covid-19 pandemic, but we’re hopeful that brighter days are coming.

Featured image from Facebook.

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