M’sian Girls Ride Horses To McDonald’s Drive-Through, Patiently Wait In Line For Food

Malaysian Girls Order McDonald’s While Riding On Horses

In Singapore, we’re used to ogling at luxury cars that grab our attention with their roaring engines and shiny exteriors.

Across the Causeway, however, three girls have captivated the internet with even more unconventional rides — horses.

While on their noble steeds, the girls casually ordered their meal at a McDonald’s drive-through.

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At one point, they were seen lining up patiently behind a waiting car.

Girls on horses order at Mcdonald’s drive-through

On Thursday (25 May), a TikTok user posted a video of her experience ordering McDonald’s while on horseback.

She, along with two friends, had ridden their horses to a McDonald’s drive-through in Malaysia.

Source: TikTok

A previous video shows that the trio had already placed their orders through the voice box.

They then casually trotted over to the next counter to make payment.

Source: TikTok

The whole time, the girls had complete control over their animals, manoeuvring them expertly in a single file.

Confident that her horse won’t run off on her, one of the girls casually whipped out her wallet to count some cash.

Following which, they made their way to the collection counter and retrieved their meal without much fuss.

Source TikTok

Many amused by the uncommon sight

Netizens who came across the video were amused by the three girls on horseback and played right along.

One commenter was impressed that the girls could ride a “Ferrari” — referring at the luxury car brand’s logo — at such a young age.

Source: TikTok

Another user pointed out that their ‘vehicles’ could operate without any petrol.

Source: TikTok

Surely, the girls were saving a lot of money and doing their part for the environment by reducing their carbon emissions.

The sight was apparently so inspiring that one commenter declared they’d be purchasing a horse right that instant.

Source: TikTok

Girls on horseback successfully purchase meal at McDonald’s drive-through

Thankfully, the staff had no issues with the girls ordering while on horseback.

In fact, they seemed thoroughly amused themselves as one worker was seen taking a video of them from inside the booth.

After all, they were still going through the proper ordering procedures — albeit on a different type of vehicle.

It likely helped that this also occurred during a quiet service period.

What’s the strangest thing that you’ve seen at a drive-through? Let us know in the comments.

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Featured image adapted from TikTok and TikTok.

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