Full-Time Grab Driver With NUS Degree Claims Older & Qualified S’poreans Lack Job Opportunities

48-Year-Old Grab Driver Laments Lack Of Job Opportunities For Singaporeans

In a competitive society like Singapore, job opportunities may be hard to come by, even if you have decent qualifications.

A 48-year-old Grab driver knows that predicament too well, having attained a degree from the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Now driving full-time, he shares the struggles of securing a traditional career, especially at his age.

Little did he know that he was venting his frustrations to politician Jeffrey Khoo from the Progress Singapore Party (PSP).

Grab driver shares struggles finding job opportunities in Singapore

On Thursday (1 Dec), PSP member Jeffrey Khoo took to Facebook to share an exchange he had with a Grab driver.

Source: Jeffrey Khoo 邱宝忠 on Facebook

Dubbing it “a sad ride”, he noted that the driver was a graduate and former NUS Society (NUSS) member who “has fallen on hard times”.

He was apparently struggling so much at one point that he had to sell his membership.

Prior to being a driver, Mr Khoo claimed that the 48-year-old man was a Commercial Director at a multinational company (MNC).

He allegedly left that job to pursue a personal venture which failed after three to four years. Thereafter, he struggled to secure a job and has been driving for Grab for several years since.

At this juncture, Mr Khoo wrote that the driver “feels all hope is lost to find full-time employment”.

No time to attend courses as there’s family to support

When asked if he has tried to upgrade his skills, the driver explained that he has no time to attend courses.

Describing the driver’s situation, Mr Khoo stated,

With children to feed and bills to pay, he has no choice but to drive as much as possible to increase income…He further mentioned that he needs a job now and not “higher potential for a job” by acquiring more training.

Considering his age and experience, the driver supposed that he could qualify for a people management role.

But if he were to attain new skill sets, he may have to start from a lower level. Sharing his observations that most managerial positions fall to foreigners instead, Mr Khoo implied the driver’s frustrations that qualified Singaporeans are losing out.

Before exiting the vehicle at his destination, Mr Khoo assured the driver that change will come and told him not to give up.

His post garnered countless comments from netizens who acknowledged the driver’s challenges and even echoed them too.

Former diplomat Tommy Koh also chimed in to lament that ageism is a problem for people in the driver’s age group.

Source: Facebook

Mr Khoo concurred, saying that those above 40 often seem “less valuable” in the workforce.

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