Grab Launches GrabPet Service In Singapore; Fares Start From $14

GrabPet Service Launched On 20 Feb

Pet-owners will no longer have to worry about finding a ride for their beloved pets the next time they visit the vet.

Starting Wednesday (20 Feb), Grab will be launching the beta version of GrabPet — a new service that allows pet owners to find a ‘pet-friendly’ ride on their handy Grab app.


All AVA-approved pets allowed, except birds

All household pets approved by the AVA are allowed on GrabPet. These include the likes of dogs, cats and fishes, but exclude birds.

To make use of the GrabPet service, pet owners must make sure that their pets are properly secured. So if you’re thinking of holding your pet goldfish in your hands, we advise getting them a proper fish tank instead.


Pet owners using the service will also be pleased to know that their pets will be insured during their GrabPet rides.

That said, pet owners are still responsible for loading and unloading their pets, and making sure that they don’t pose a risk throughout the ride.

Drivers can earn more using this service

Besides providing pet-owners with a highly sought-after service, GrabPet will also allow Grab drivers to make extra money per ride.

To qualify as a GrabPet driver, Grab partners will have to undergo a 1.5hr training program to equip them with the necessary pet-handling skills. This training will be subsidised by Grab — more good news for GrabPet drivers.

In addition, GrabPet drivers will be issued a free in-car kit which includes a foldable back seat cover, microfibre towel, and air freshener to help clean up the potential mess pets leave behind.

Fares start from $14

GrabPet services will have a starting fare of $14, which may sound rather expensive at first.

~600m trip
Image from MS News

But if you take into consideration what other pet-taxi services are charging, it’s actually not that bad.

A quick scroll through the internet reveals other pet-taxi services charging prices starting from $20.

Promo code gives u $3 off

If that’s not enough to turn you into a GrabPet convert, there’s more.

Grab has also launched a special promo code ‘LOVEPETS’ that allows users to enjoy $3 off their GrabPet bill.

Additionally, from now till 20 Mar, Grab will be donating $3 to the SPCA for every GrabPay ride.

Now you know which app to turn to the next time you visit the vet with your pet!

Featured image from Grab and Pinterest

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