Great World Mall Makeshift Wall Collapses, Debris Reportedly Falls On 1 Shopper

Makeshift Wall Falls On Shopper At Great World, Mall Investigating Cause Of Incident

An ordinary day at Great World shopping mall turned messy when a temporary wall suddenly collapsed.

The construction hoarding of Japanese restaurant Tori Sanwa in Basement 1 (B1) of the mall detached and fell on a shopper.

Thankfully, the hoardings did not injure the man. Staff cordoned the area off quickly.

Great World stated that they were investigating the incident with the restaurant and their contractor.

Makeshift wall at Great World falls

On Sunday (24 Sep) at around 4.45pm, patrons were milling about the Great World shopping mall’s B1 level as usual.

When they passed by the yet-unopened temporary hoarding of the Tori Sanwa restaurant, however, it suddenly detached and collapsed.

A video uploaded by Instagram page @sgfollowsall shows a section of the makeshift wall missing. The hoarding broke into smaller pieces, which can be seen on the ground or fallen onto the tables.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

There are metal parts lying amidst the rubble and boards, but it is unclear if they fell along with the hoarding.

The collapse scattered white paint flakes or a similarly-coloured powder all across the floor.

Other bystanders filmed the destruction, incredulous at what had just occurred.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

Patron uninjured by falling debris

A user, @theeagertraveller, posted a video of the aftermath onto TikTok. According to the caption, the OP was nearby with her toddler and personally witnessed the hoarding collapse.


A bit shaken cause I just saw an accident. Thank you God for protecting my toddler!!!! #greatworldsingapore please review your CCTV and check on the guy the makeshift wall collapsed on. 🙏🏻 #singapore #fyp

♬ original sound – IG: theeagertraveller – IG: theeagertraveller

According to her, the makeshift panels fell on a male patron. As she checked up on him, he brushed off the debris from his hair and appeared to be okay.

The OP also commented that as she was heading towards the area, it could very well have been them being caught in the falling hoardings.

Source: @theeagertraveller on TikTok

A Great World spokesman told MS News that their staff immediately cordoned the area off. Photos on Instagram show that the staff had set up a barrier with a security guard standing by.

The photo also showed an un-collapsed section of hoarding leaning precariously outwards.

Source: @sgfollowsall on Instagram

By around 5.20pm, patrons spotted police officers at the scene as well.

Great World investigating cause of hoarding detachment

Great World told MS News that there were no reported injuries as a result of the incident.

The damaged hoarding was replaced by 25 Sep. Great World stated that they are currently investigating.

“We are working closely with Tori Sanwa and their contractor to ascertain the root cause of the hoarding panel detachment,” it added.

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Featured image adapted from @sgfollowsall on Instagram.

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