Couple Carried On Homemade Palanquin In Yew Tee Wedding Procession, Honours Old Family Tradition

Wedding Couple In Yew Tee Get Carried On Palanquin Like Royals

Weddings can either be simple or grand affairs, based on one’s taste and preferences.

Recently, a bride and groom in Yew Tee opted to be carried on a palanquin during their wedding procession.

A viral video online captured the procession as relatives carried the couple, dressed in traditional Malay garb, on their shoulders through the neighbourhood.

As it turns out, the family had made the palanquin by hand out of bamboo and rattan chairs. It is reportedly an old family tradition.

Couple carried on palanquin at wedding

Tiktok user @sisrock4 uploaded a video of the procession on 31 Dec 2023.

Source: @sisrock4 on TikTok

Onlookers watched as two rows of the couple’s relatives carried the bride and groom atop a palanquin.

Source: @sisrock4 on TikTok

Adorned in golden garb, the couple appeared to be surrounded by music, cheers, and good-natured laughter.

Source: @sisrock4 on TikTok

Those carrying the palanquin then slowly and carefully lowered it to the ground for the bride and groom to disembark at the wedding location.

Source: @sisrock4 on TikTok

The unique affair caught the attention of many netizens, and the video racked up over half a million views.

Family assembled palanquin by themselves

Berita Harian spoke to the families involved and reported that the marriage itself took place on 30 Dec.

The procession in the video turned out to be a marriage ceremony, which took place at a shared HDB area.

The groom’s mother, Ms Haslini, shared that her grandmother was from Negeri Sembilan in Malaysia, where they have a tradition of parading newlyweds atop palaquins.

Thus, the groom’s family hoped to maintain this custom.

The family found one major problem to be Singapore’s lack of wedding palanquins. No matter though, they creatively chose a DIY solution instead.

Ms Haslini’s family in Johor Bahru delivered bamboo via lorry, and her husband got his hands on two rattan chairs from Carousell.

The family of five worked for 10 days from 21 Dec in their free time, assembling the palanquin outside their Yew Tee HDB unit.

Once done, the bamboo and rattan construct passed a safety check and was good to go.

Couple enjoyed the experience

They encountered one final problem with the plan. The groom, Mr. Nazran Zaiyani Ahmad Jufri, said that his wife refused to participate.

Source: Berita Harian

She expressed worry and fear over being the target of netizens over the ceremony.

Eventually, though, she changed her mind acknowledging that this was an old family tradition.

Mr. Nazran Zaiyani Ahmad Jufri also said that he was the first grandchild to get to try it.

In the end, the couple dubbed the experience special and unforgettable.

Last year, a couple had a unique Star Wars-themed wedding complete with lightsabers.

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Featured image adapted from @sisrock4 on TikTok and Berita Harian.

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