Green Cockroach Spotted In Thomson Is First Recorded Local Sighting Of The Species

Green Cockroach Spotted At Thomson Nature Park On 31 Mar

Finding pesky creepy crawlers in our homes is a nightmare for many of us, and amongst these pests, cockroaches are arguably the most feared and disliked.

Naturally, many of us will take flight upon seeing one of these brown crawlies. Yet, a cockroach spotted at Thomson Nature Park seemed to have piqued the interest of some nature lovers.

On Tuesday (31 Aug), Entomological Network of Singapore took to Facebook to share about a rare green cockroach nymph.


If you’re wondering why you’ve not seen an emerald cockroach before, there’s a good reason for that — this is apparently the first recorded sighting of a green cockroach here in Singapore.

1cm green cockroach nymph found at Thomson

Cockroaches are, unfortunately, not an uncommon sight. Here in Singapore, we’re accustomed to seeing these gnarly creatures in brown or black.

But on 31 Mar, 2 people at Thomson Nature Park came across a bright green roach that piqued their curiosity.

The insect was later identified as a green cockroach nymph, which measured about 1cm in length.


It was first spotted crawling on the wooden pillar of a rope fence, making its way to the ground.

The cockroach then moved along the footpath before resting on a yellow leaf.

green cockroach thomsonSource

1st record of green cockroach in Singapore

According to the National University of Singapore’s (NUS) Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, this is the time a green cockroach has been recorded being seen in Singapore.

The rare creature is of the genus Sorineuchora, which is unique for being 1 of the 2 only cockroach species that are bright green in colour.

There are 11 species under the Sorineuchora genus and the sighting in March is currently unidentifiable.

According to previous research, this group of cockroaches were first identified and found in China.

The only other type of cockroach that’s green in colour is the Cuban cockroach, usually only seen in the Americas.

In Singapore households, the most common types of cockroaches found are the American and German cockroaches.

green cockroach thomsonSource

Fascinating to see cockroaches in different colours

While the cockroaches that appear in our homes will never cease to make our skin crawl, it’s good to know that there are other species that look less menacing.

So the next time you go on a hike, you might want to keep your eye out for this unique cockroach species newly discovered in Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from National University of Singapore.

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