Cockroach Infestation Spotted At Eastpoint Mall Carpark, Management Activates Pest Control

Cockroaches Seen At Eastpoint Mall Carpark

UPDATE (3.30pm): A spokesperson from Eastpoint Mall said the area has been treated and cleaned. You can read their full statement below.

Cockroaches are an unwelcome sight no matter the place — and for good reason. They tend to congregate in filthy areas and carry with them the yucky stuff that they frequently scurry about in.

A netizen got a shock when he saw a huge infestation of roaches at Eastpoint Mall carpark on Sunday (30 May).


Fair warning: don’t look at the pictures while you’re having lunch.

Cockroach infestation seen at Eastpoint Mall carpark

The post was shared on the Complaint Singapore Facebook group.

On Sunday, the man was at Eastpoint Mall’s carpark when he came across the ghastly sight.

Cockroaches teemed the walls and some could be seen scurrying up and down.

We definitely advise you to scroll quickly on through if you have a fear of cockroaches.


On another wall was a particularly black mass, which on closer examination would give you the heebie jeebies.


How the infestation came about is not apparent.

But the netizen did give a warning to vendors to be cautious when delivering goods there.

Netizens volunteer to bring Baygon

Cockroaches are probably many a Singaporean’s greatest enemy, if only matched by Covid-19.

So it was that several netizens actually volunteered to exterminate these pests personally — jokingly, of course.

Like this netizen who’s looking to arm themselves with Baygon and march to Eastpoint Mall.


Another even said they’d bring a flame thrower, although we don’t recommend actually doing this.


Yet others asked if fogging measures are required to swiftly deal with the epidemic.

Eastpoint Mall activates pest control

Responding to MS News‘ queries, an Eastpoint Mall spokesperson said they have activated pest control upon receiving feedback.

Below is their statement in full:

We received feedback that some cockroaches were detected at the carpark of Eastpoint Mall on Sunday, 30 May. Pest control was activated, and the area was treated and cleaned on the same day.

Another round of pest control treatment will be conducted to extended areas of the carpark to ensure hygiene and cleanliness. Routine pest control treatment and cleaning will continue to take place.

We regret any inconvenience caused and will implement further measures as necessary.

Hope cockroach infestation at Eastpoint Mall carpark is dealt with

This is certainly an urgent matter to fix and even though most people are staying at home, the mall remains open.

We hope that the infestation will be dealt with promptly to prevent contamination.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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