17 Guinea Pigs Abandoned In GrabFood Delivery Bag At Sungei Tengah, 1 Found Dead

17 Guinea Pigs Abandoned At Sungei Tengah, SPCA Saddened & Disturbed

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When a human takes ownership of a pet, the animal is technically supposed to have found their forever home.

However, this is sadly not the case, with some owners abandoning their helpless pets.

Lately, 17 guinea pigs were found abandoned in two thermal food bags, including one from GrabFood, at a rural area in Sungei Tengah.

Source: SPCA Singapore on Facebook

Unfortunately, one of them was found dead.

SPCA alerted to incident by a caller

In a Facebook post on Monday (13 Mar), the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) Singapore said they were alerted by a caller to the incident.

Source: SPCA Singapore on Facebook

The kind-hearted person saw the bags lying in the grass and went over to check because they saw “something furry”.

They were then shocked to see a guinea pig staring back at them.

Source: SPCA Singapore on Facebook

Abandoned guinea pigs drenched & struggling in Tengah heat

SPCA dispatched an Animal Rescue Officer to the location, whereupon they found two bags thermal food bags lying in the open by the side of the road.

One of the bags was the recognisable green GrabFood delivery bag. There was no food, water or proper shelter in sight.

Source: SPCA Singapore on Facebook

When the officer moved the bags, they found 15 guinea pigs.

They were drenched from the rain and struggling under the heat, SPCA said.

Sadly, the carcass of a guinea pig that had passed away was also found, surrounded by flies.

Source: SPCA Singapore on Facebook

The following day, two more guinea pigs were found at the location.

Guinea pigs had no chance of survival: SPCA

The SPCA said they were “incredibly saddened and disturbed” by this incident.

As the had been abandoned without any provisions, they were at risk of traffic accidents, attacks from wild animals and exposure to the elements, they added.

Thus, they wouldn’t have survived if not for the caller who alerted them.

Owners are responsible for rehoming their pets

The organisation reminded pet owners that if they find themselves unable to take care of their pets, they’re responsible for finding them safe, alternative homes.

If that can’t be done, they can seek help from the SPCA or other welfare groups.

They maintained that they’re committed to providing support for every rehoming request, though they might not do so immediately due to capacity issues.

Members of the public may check out their rehoming page at spca.org.sg/services/rehoming.

As for the thankfully rescued guinea pigs, the SPCA will continue to keep the public informed on their progress, they said.

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Featured image adapted from SPCA Singapore on Facebook.

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