Clementi Hawker Treats Food Delivery Riders To Free Nasi Lemak, To Thank Them For Their Services

Clementi Chicken Rice Stall Treats Food Delivery Riders To Free Nasi Lemak & Water

We’ve witnessed many kind acts in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, but it appears that kindness is a gift that keeps on giving.

Hong Xing Li Hainanese Chicken Rice has added itself to the list do-gooder by treating food delivery riders to free food and drinks.

Hong Xing Li Hainanese Chicken Rice’s stall in Clementi

The Clementi chicken rice stall even thought ahead, and offered halal nasi lemak so that all food delivery riders can enjoy this treat.

Stall owner wanted to treat food delivery riders for their service

According to Facebook post on Wednesday (8 Apr), this act of kindness was in appreciation of food delivery riders’ efforts to bring food to home-bound customers during the Covid-19 pandemic.

From a notice posted near the stall, the chicken rice operator acknowledged that delivery riders are working through tough times to deliver food.


Hence, in solidarity with #SGUnited, they wanted to thank these riders by treating them to a meal and a drink.

Being considerate by offering halal options

You would think that the chicken rice stall would offer free chicken rice, but it didn’t.

Hong Xing Li went a step further, and offered nasi lemak instead, to ensure that riders who only eat halal food could enjoy the treat.

Nasi lemak packets up for grabs

To wash down the nasi lemak, the store provided cool, refreshing water that also helps keep the Singaporean heat at bay.


While some might think “chey, it’s just water”, let’s not forget that water is much healthier than soft drinks, and possibly the healthiest drink to imbibe.

It’s the ideal choice amid a health crisis.

Food delivery riders are also everyday heroes

Although food delivery isn’t generally known to be life threatening, we can’t deny that riders risk exposure to the coronavirus when they go out to deliver food that we order from the safety of our own homes.

Basically, they go out so we can stay home.

Hong Xing Li Hainanese Chicken Rice recognises that, and we should too.

Although it still remains unclear if delivery riders will be able to enjoy this treat in public given that we’re not allowed to dine in public now, the sentiment is much appreciated.

Riders can head down to the stall at Clementi 448 Market & Food Centre to get their nasi lemak.

Featured image adapted from Foursquare and Facebook.

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