Singapore Chicken Wings Stall Refunds Customer After Receiving Complaint For “Not Enough Chilli Sauce”

Despite the recent Covid-19 situation, many hawkers are still operating to ensure Singaporeans get their regular meals.

Some stalls like Eng Kee Chicken Wings even offer delivery services so that their customers can enjoy their food in the comfort of their homes.


Recently, however, the Commonwealth hawker had to process an S$46 refund after receiving a customer’s unreasonable complaint.

The reason: not enough chilli packets were included in her delivery.

In a Facebook post, they seek Singaporeans’ consideration of hawkers during this sensitive period.

Customer requests refund for lack of chilli sauce

The customer was reportedly dissatisfied with the number of chilli sauce packets that came with her food.


As such, she allegedly requested the hawker to either redeliver additional packets or make a full refund.

According to a Facebook post by Eng Kee Chicken Wings, they could not afford to redeliver chilli packets and had to return the money instead.


Hawkers do not earn a lot to begin with

Not enough chilli sauce may not be a big deal to many, but this customer allegedly blew things out of proportion by asking for a refund.

The owner included a screenshot of the refund receipt, showing that the stall made a loss of S$46 by complying with their customers’ wishes.


Their stall owner added that hawkers “do not earn a lot” to begin with and following the outbreak of Covid-19, the situation is made worse.

Therefore, he is hoping people can be kinder and more considerate to local food stall owners.

Be understanding of our hawkers

In light of Covid-19, many food stall owners are exposing themselves to higher risks by keeping their business open.

It is not surprising that their sales have diminished, considering that fewer people are leaving their homes for a meal outside.


In this tough time, we should refrain from making such inconsiderate requests and start lending our support to them instead.

Kudos to Eng Kee Chicken Wings for their optimism despite their unfortunate encounter.

Featured image adapted from PinkyPiggu.