39-Year-Old Helper Celebrates Birthday For The 1st Time After S’porean Family Surprises Her With Cake

Helper Breaks Down When Singaporean Family Gives Her A Birthday Surprise

Domestic workers travel to Singapore, leaving their families back home for long periods in the hope of giving them a better life.

Many of them may not have the opportunity to celebrate their birthdays with their loved ones.

For 39-year-old helper Ruenah, who hails from Indonesia, she got to experience her very first birthday celebration with her Singaporean employers.

Touched by the thoughtful gesture, the joyous occasion turned into an emotional, tear-jerking moment for Ruenah.

Family gives helper birthday surprise

Speaking with MS News, 34-year-old Anna Leyman, Ruenah’s employer, shared that she was working on the day of her helper’s birthday, so she told her husband to bring their daughters out to get a cake and some food.

She deliberately wanted to make Ruenah feel as if they had forgotten about her birthday, hoping to make the surprise all the more special.

After the family accomplished the secret mission of getting a birthday cake, they returned home, ready for the big surprise.

Anna’s 2 daughters carried a chocolate cake and walked into the house, singing Happy Birthday.

helper birthdayImage courtesy of Anna Leyman

Ruenah was visibly overwhelmed with shock. She fell to the floor and started crying.

helper birthday surpriseImage courtesy of Anna Leyman

As her sobs grew louder, the elder daughter mischievously screamed, “Why you cry? You baby or what?”

Image courtesy of Anna Leyman

Deeply moved, Ruenah embraced the 2 young girls as she tried to wipe her tears away.

Image courtesy of Anna Leyman

The family also took a photo to commemorate the special occasion.

helper birthday surpriseImage courtesy of Anna Leyman

Not only did they get to indulge in the cake that day, they also managed to feast on a good ol’ McDonald’s meal.

Reunah’s first birthday celebration

Anna, who works as a property executive, told MS News that when Ruenah first came to work for her in May 2021, she mentioned that she had never celebrated her birthday.

Ruenah typically treats it as an ordinary day as her family was not well-off and could not afford celebrations.

helper birthday surpriseImage courtesy of Anna Leyman

Anna then decided to carry out this mini surprise birthday celebration for Ruenah.

Family feels thankful for Ruenah’s hard work

Seeing how Ruenah broke down in tears during the birthday celebration also made Anna feel emotional.

Anna shared that she felt the need to express her gratitude towards Ruenah for all her hard work.

She added that she is often not home to care for the house and her kids because of work, and she could not have done this without Ruenah.

Anna hopes that by sharing such blissful moments with the family, Ruenah will be more motivated to work and have an easier time adapting to Singapore.

She related that helpers are human beings at the end of the day, and all humans deserve to be loved and appreciated.

Show helpers the appreciation they deserve

It is difficult for anyone to be separated and live far from their loved ones.

Even more so, when one is alone, trying to adapt to a new work environment and country.

Remember to show our appreciation to domestic helpers who have sacrificed so much to be here and help our families.

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Featured image courtesy of Anna Leyman.

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