S’pore Family Surprises Helper With BTS Suga Concert Tickets, She Cries Happy Tears

Siblings Surprise Helper Of 7 Years With BTS Suga Concert Tickets

Foreign domestic helpers have to spend a lot of time away from their own families to care for someone else’s.

Thus, it’s always heartwarming to see their employers go the extra mile to show their appreciation.

A group of siblings in Singapore did just that by surprising their helper of seven years, Nur, with tickets to BTS Suga’s upcoming concert.

TikTok user @kimberlee.ang aka Kimberlee recently took to the platform to share her stressful ticketing experience that made the surprise possible.

@kimberlee.ang This must be the most intense ticket purchasing for me. I dunno how quick #army can be! @pjm 🐣 Nur, hope you like your gift from us. Thank you for being with us for 7 years. Party hard on 18th June 2023 at the #sugaconcert #sugaconcerttourasia2023 #sugaagustdtour #armybts ♬ original sound – Kimberlee🌿

Siblings surprise helper with BTS Suga concert tickets

In her video, Kimberlee, 40, revealed that Nur is an ARMY, a fan of K-pop supergroup BTS.

Speaking to MS News, she shared that the helper even has a ‘shrine’ at home where she displays her BTS merchandise, some of which were also surprise gifts from the family.

Image courtesy of Kimberlee

When news of BTS member Suga holding concerts in Singapore on 17 and 18 June broke, Nur naturally dreamt of attending one of the shows.

Determined to go, she even paid to sign up for an official ARMY Membership, which entitled fans to purchase tickets during a pre-sale event on 3 Apr, two days before general sales began today (5 Apr).

Source: @kimberlee.ang on TikTok 

However, after learning about the price of the tickets, Nur changed her mind as they were too pricey.

For reference, Suga’s concert tickets start at S$168.

Kimberlee told MS News that she and her three younger siblings initially told Nur that they would “see how it goes” after the latter said she no longer wanted to purchase a ticket due to its steep price.

Little did Nur know that the four had already decided to gift her with the experience she longed for.

Source: @kimberlee.ang on TikTok 

Kimberlee elaborated that Nur has been with her family for seven years and is like a “youngest sister” to the siblings.

Nur weathered through thick and thin with the family, shedding tears with them when Kimberlee experienced a miscarriage and taking care of her when she fell ill three years ago.

She was also there to witness Kimberlee’s siblings get married and celebrated birthdays and other milestones together with them.

Kimberlee added,

She is like family to us and I’m very thankful to have her.

Helper cried tears of joy

However, Kimberlee admitted that she was not prepared for how intense ticketing would be.

A nerve-wracking 25 minutes passed before she could access the page, and she even got kicked out twice before she finally secured standing pen tickets for Nur.

Nevertheless, it seems like all her stress was well worth it when she saw Nur break into tears of joy at the good news.

Source: @kimberlee.ang on TikTok 

Kimberlee shared a recording of Nur’s reaction on TikTok, and the latter’s sheer happiness can be felt through the screen as she crumples to the ground in elation.

Ending her post, Kimberlee wished Nur a great time at the concert.

Fellow ARMY touched by heartwarming act

In the comments section of Kimberlee’s video, multiple netizens shared their thoughts on Kimberlee and her siblings’ thoughtful gesture.

One ARMY shared that she did not manage to get a ticket, but felt that it was “worth it” if she lost it to Nur.

Source: TikTok 

Another jokingly welcomed Kimberlee to the stress of snagging BTS tickets and pointed out that the shirt Nur was wearing was proof that she deserved the tickets.

For context, Nur was wearing a satirical ‘flat-earther’ shirt that Suga once wore during a concert, suggesting that she was a real fan.

Source: TikTok 

This netizen commended the healthy relationship the family shared with Nur.

Source: TikTok 

It’s so touching to see other BTS fans collectively celebrating the joy of their co-ARMY.

Of course, it’s also heartwarming to see how Kimberlee and her siblings are willing to go the extra mile to bring a smile to their helper’s face.

We hope Nur enjoys the concert!

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Featured image adapted from Singapore Sports Hub on Facebook and @kimberlee.ang on TikTok .

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