Domestic Helper Hasn’t Seen Her Kids In 6 Years, Employer Flies Them To S’pore

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Employer Reunite Domestic Helper With Her Kids And Pays For All Expenses

Domestic helpers, in seeking a better life for their families, spend long periods away from home in a faraway land.

This was the case for Erma, a Filipino helper working in Singapore, who hadn’t seen her two children for nearly six years.

To show their appreciation for her hard work, her employers decided to fly her kids over to Singapore so she could spend the holidays with them.

Domestic helper in Singapore hadn’t seen her kids in six years

On Tuesday (6 Dec), Erma’s employer, Zach, took to Facebook to share details of the plan.

Source: Facebook

According to Zach, Erma had not seen her two children, Liezel and Liezoo, for six years.

After Covid-19 restrictions were lifted, Erma was supposed to fly home for a month and spend time with her kids.

Coincidentally, Zach’s wife and second son will be spending the whole of December in Europe.

Hence, Zach said it’d be extremely challenging for him to care for his other two young children and perform household chores alone.

With a heavy heart, he told Erma that it would be difficult for her to leave for a month, and hoped she could postpone the trip to Jun 2023 instead.

Although she agreed, Zach apparently sensed disappointment in her eyes.

To her family, it was important to spend Christmas and the New Year together, he explained.

Employer pays for all the expenses involved

Not long after, Zach had an epiphany.

Since Erma was unable to return to the Philippines to be with her children, perhaps they could fly the two kids over to Singapore instead, he reasoned.

When he broke the news to Erma, she reportedly burst into tears of joy, saying that her children had never been overseas, let alone board a plane before.

According to Zach, his family paid for all the costs and expenses involved, from the domestic flights within the Philippines and the applications for their passports, visas, and insurance.

Although the amount exceeded their initial budget, Zach’s family did not mind one bit.

This was their way of showing their love and appreciation for Erma, he stated.

Finally, the day came and Erma, Zach, and his two younger children went to the airport with to pick Liezel and Liezoo up.

Source: Facebook

Upon seeing her children, Erma enveloped them in a big emotional embrace.

Source: Facebook

Hope Erma enjoys the holidays with her children

We are touched by Zach’s thoughtful gesture that allowed Erma to be united with her children over the holiday season.

Six years is indeed a long period to be away from one’s children. We have no doubt that Erma will treasure the time spent with her kids here.

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