S’poreans May Be Able To Travel To Hong Kong Soon, Arrangements Welcomed By Both Countries

Travel Between Hong Kong & Singapore Possible Due To Low Community Cases

One of the major downsides of the Covid-19 crisis was undoubtedly the travel bans.

All of us were stranded in Singapore with vacation plans put on hold, or in a worst-case scenario, having to cancel a paid holiday booked before the pandemic struck.

But things might be looking up.

In the last month, Singapore has enacted cross-border travel and green lane arrangements with a handful of countries. Hong Kong is the latest territory on the radar.

Discussions on travel arrangements between both sides may take place in the near future as reopening of borders is warmly welcomed by both governments.


Who knows, shopping at Tsim Sha Tsui could be a thing of reality soon if things go well.

Travel between Hong Kong and S’pore possible with safeguards

According to a press statement by the Singapore Consulate-General in Hong Kong, trips between both territories can resume in stages with the necessary measures.


The benefits of expediting the process are economic and cultural in nature, “given (the) strong business and people-to-people links” said the Consulate-General.

Assessment of the resumption of cross-border travels was based on the low fatality rates in both territories, reports Channel NewsAsia.

The low number of Covid-19 community cases was also taken into consideration.

Singapore and Hong Kong gradually opening borders to the world

Singapore already has multiple cross-border travel arrangements for essential businesses with other countries, including Malaysia, South Korea, New Zealand, and Brunei.


Likewise, Hong Kong plans on creating “travel bubbles” with 11 countries, including Singapore, South Korea, and Malaysia.

They are also reportedly in talks with Japan to finalise essential business travels by September.

The move came after the region saw daily community cases drop to single-digits over the past week.

Hong Kong reopeningSource

Hong Kong authorities recently eased into ‘Phase 2‘  where gatherings of 4 are allowed and sports venues permitted to reopen.

Hong Kong Eases Into ‘Phase 2’, Gatherings Of 4 Allowed & Sports Venues Reopen

Be vigilant and cautious during these uncertain times

Such positive news seems to signify an uptick in the regional crisis management of the pandemic.

However a second, and even a third or fourth wave of infections internationally can easily happen.

In this time of uncertainty, we must still do our part in being vigilant and cautious.

Featured image adapted from The Culture Trip.

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