Tefal Sale Has Up To 80% Off Frying Pans & Woks, So You Can Cook Egg Fried Rice The Right Way

HOUZE Tefal Sale At Paya Lebar Has Over 200 Household Items

Everyone on the Internet knows we need a trusty wok to cook fried rice. We have Uncle Roger to thank for that.

If you haven’t been heeding this golden rule for fried rice, it’s time to zhng your arsenal of kitchenware, because a simple pan won’t do.

houze tefal saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

A warehouse sale in Paya Lebar with up to 80% off Tefal frying pans, wok pans and cookers will help equip you with all the tools you’ll need.

houze tefal saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

Here’s what you can expect to find there, to help you whip up a signature fried rice dish every Asian mum will approve of.

Wokpans & frying pans to achieve wok hei at home

As Uncle Roger taught us in his viral videos, you’ll first need a wok to cook fried rice. How else are you going to get that wok hei and make your ancestors proud?

Untrained millennials like us may break out in sweat, trying to muster enough strength to toss rice in a large, traditional wok.


But with a wokpan & the right recipe – none of that chilli jam mumbo jumbo – you’ll get to impress uncles and aunties at the next family gathering with smoky, fire-kissed egg fried rice effortlessly.

Tefal Wokpan – From $30

From stir-frying kangkong to flipping omelettes, your mum has probably scraped enough food from the frying pan to leave visible marks. So, a change is in order.

Tefal Frypan – From $13

Like most Tefal pans, the red thermo-spot in the centre will let you know once the temperature is right for tossing the ingredients in.

Scrubbing sticky oil off won’t be much of a workout as the non-stick surface means stains glide off easily.

Stewpots for comfort food during rainy weather

If you’ve been trying to cut down on the grease but still want that punch of flavour, try prepping a classic red wine beef stew.

You’d want to use a stewpot to prepare that delicacy, as the deep dish can hold a large amount of broth.

houze tefal saleTefal Evidence Black Stewpot 24cm – 50% off
Image courtesy of HOUZE

With 2 sturdy handles on the side, moving that potful of simmering goodness from the stove to the table will be manageable. Just remember to have your kitchen mittens on for safety.

Clean up after meals with bagless vacuum cleaners

The part that follows after every round of cooking is cleaning, especially when you want a spotless home.

Get rid of the pesky crumbs on the kitchen floor with this bagless vacuum cleaner which you can carry around the house.

houze tefal saleTefal Micro Space Cyclonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner – From $85

Though the powerful tool costs less than $100, getting this for your SO will show that you put 100% into the relationship.

FYI, simply doing your share of chores will help keep the romance alive too.

Irons to straighten out your back-to-office clothes

With more people returning to offices now, having immaculate, wrinkle-free formal wear is going to be every worker’s top priority in the morning again.

Months of WFH may render your trusty iron unfit for use, but switching to the Tefal Easygliss will help straighten things out, and keep your work clothes wrinkle-free.

houze tefal saleTefal Easygliss Dry Iron 1200W – From $25
Image courtesy of HOUZE

Mowing your way through wrinkles will be a breeze, via the iron’s long 1.8-metre cord instead of constantly ensuring the ironing board is super close to the socket.

Extra fan to stave off Oct heat

Ironing mountainous piles of clothes can get rather exhausting because of 2 things — residual heat from the iron, and the impending late-October heat.

To combat warmer weather predictions, an extra fan will surely help to stave off beads of perspiration pooling at your forehead.

Tefal Essential Stand Fan – $39
Image courtesy of HOUZE

Now that everything is breezy, movie nights with the fam in the living room will feel more comfortable too.

HOUZE Tefal Sale is a 5-min walk from Paya Lebar MRT

Since Singaporeans have spent longer hours indoors this year, it’s not surprising that certain old appliances may need replacing.

houze tefal saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

The good news is, many Tefal appliances are going for up to 80% off their original prices at HOUZE home goods store in Paya Lebar Quarter mall.

houze tefal saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

As their sale catalogue is refreshed every alternate day, visiting regularly can help you score the latest products. We’ve got you covered on how to get there below.

HOUZE Tefal Sale, Paya Lebar Quarter Mall
Date: 23 Oct-1 Nov
Time: 10am-10pm daily
Address: 10 Paya Lebar Rd, #03-14, Singapore 409057
Nearest MRT: Paya Lebar Station
Links: Website, Facebook, Instagram

Over 200 Tefal cookware items and appliances are available at HOUZE Paya Lebar Quarter Mall, so plan a trip down with bae or the fam so they can help lug your hauls back home.

houze tefal saleImage courtesy of HOUZE

Do note that there’s a queue numbering system in place to ensure adequate crowd control, and waiting time could take between 30-90 minutes.

The outlet only accepts payment in cash or via NETS & GrabPay.

Time to perfect your egg fried rice recipe

Uncle Roger takes cooking Asian cuisine very seriously, and so should you if you’re hoping to impress the in-laws.

With a new wokpan in your kitchen, coupled with spanking new appliances to complete your home, you’ll be able to perfect your homegrown egg fried rice recipe in no time.

Your mum or aunties may be eager to help, but whipping up a sumptuous meal on your own could taste so much sweeter — both literally & figuratively.

Besides Uncle Roger’s stamp of approval, your fam’s shiok expressions when they dig into a hearty meal you’ve put on the table will make all the effort worthwhile.

This post was brought to you in collaboration with HOUZE.

Featured image courtesy of Houze.

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