BBC Food Host Cooks Rice Like Pasta & Asian Mothers Are Losing Their Minds

Comedian’s Reaction To BBC Food Host Cooking Fried Rice Is Every Asian Ever

Most of us know what egg fried rice is and how to cook it. While the ingredients are variable, the rice – as well as the way its cooked – is non-negotiable.

The way a BBC Food host cooks rice, however, is so horrifying that Asians – and their mums – are screaming into the depths of their lost dreams at the sight.

A Malaysian comedian based in the United Kingdom, Nigel Ng, reacted to the video on 8 Jul, and his reaction went viral due to how relatable it is.

BBC Food video features rice drained while semi-cooked

The video in question is on BBC Food, hosted by Hersha Patel.

Mr Ng, watching the video as an alter-ego Uncle Roger, notes some red flags but everything is mostly fine until the cooking rice bit.

First, the rice is cooked in a pot, on an induction stove. This much is understandable since most British homes wouldn’t own a gas stove or a rice cooker.

But the horrifying bit comes later, when the rice is semi-cooked and the water hasn’t fully dissolved.


The rice is not looking good, you lyin’.

Instead of cooking it all the way through, however, the host brings the pot to the sink and drains the water.


With a colander. Like one would with pasta.

Then, as if that wasn’t enough, she rinses the rice again.

Cue angry ranting from Uncle Roger.

Asians unite in expressing horror

Yes, even Singaporeans and Malaysians can unite to agree on the way rice is cooked — that’s how sacrilegious this is.

Any Asian caught cooking like this would probably be disowned.

Words can’t describe the horror, so here’s a picture of Uncle Roger.


For the record, you wash the rice before cooking it, and the rice shouldn’t contain any traces of wetness.

That ruins the rice’s texture and cause it to clump up, which we don’t want for fried rice.

Taking our cooking video lessons elsewhere

If you’re a real cooking noob, the simple answer as to how to cook rice is to get a rice cooker. Can’t go wrong there.

Well, we certainly won’t be taking any lessons from the BBC Food video any time soon — at least when it comes to Asian dishes.

Featured image adapted from YouTube.

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