TKQP Apparently Removes Imran Rahim’s Name From Website

While Tan Kok Quan Partnership (TKQP) lawyer Imran Rahim files an anti-harassment suit against Reform Party’s Charles Yeo, his name appears to have vanished from his firm’s site overnight.

Mr Imran’s name is no longer on the list of counsels and senior associates on the TKQP website.


The reasons for the removal of his name is unclear at this time.

Imran Rahim not on list of TKQP associates

A check of TKQP’s website on Friday (7 Aug) reveals that Mr Imran’s is not among the list of senior associates.

He was previously listed as a senior associate.

The following is a screenshot taken from a Jan 2020 snapshot of the website.


Meanwhile, this was his profile on the site while he was still listed as an employee.


Was on leave of absence pending internal investigations

In case you’re not sure why this is significant, basically, Mr Imran went on a leave of absence after Mr Yeo called him out for sexual misconduct allegations.

Imran Rahim Denies Sexual Misconduct Claims, Says He Doesn’t Know Charles Yeo

At the same time, the firm said that they would conduct an internal investigation into the allegations.

Later, Mr Imran took out a harassment suit under the Protection from Harassment Act (POHA) against Mr Yeo.

Charles Yeo Says Imran Rahim Has Taken Out Legal Proceedings Against Him, Appeals For Alleged Victims

The case will be heard in court late Aug.

Reasons for removal unknown

No public announcement has been made at press time, either by the firm or by Mr Imran. MS News has contacted them for comment.

We will update the article if any new developments occur.

Featured image adapted from Melvin The Fussy and TKQP.