Imran Rahim Files For Harassment Suit Against Charles Yeo, Not Defamation

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Harassment Suit On Charles Yeo Made By Imran Rahim

On Friday (31 Jul), Reform Party member Charles Yeo shared on social media that he has been served with an anti-harassment suit by lawyer Imran Rahim.

This comes after Mr Yeo posted allegations that Mr Imran had participated in sexual misconduct.

Mr Yeo’s mentor M Ravi, who is representing him in the case, also confirmed the news on Facebook.


But the nature of the suit apparently falls under the Protection from Harassment Act.

Mr Yeo had previously called on Mr Imran to file for a defamation suit to prove his case.

Imran Rahim’s harassment suit falls under POHA

The harassment suit served by Mr Imran’s lawyers, according to Mr Ravi, calls for Mr Yeo to take his allegations down.

Mr Ravi told TODAY Online that the suit falls under the Protection from Harassment Act and was filed some time last week.

Mr Yeo will also have to pay for the costs of the proceedings if the suit is successful.

Meanwhile, Mr Ravi has offered to do the case pro bono due to their mentor-mentee relationship.


Mr Yeo used to be Mr Ravi’s law trainee and they almost contested GE2015 together, although Mr Yeo was ultimately not fielded then.

Not a defamation suit

Mr Imran is currently assisting his company, Tan Kok Quan Partnership in internal investigations and has taken a leave of absence.


What is notable about the suit is that it is designed to protect from harassment and may rest on the assumption that the allegations are considered personal attacks.


Mr Yeo had, in his Instagram stories, called on Mr Imran to file for a defamation suit if the allegations are untrue. However, POHA also accounts for false statements of fact.

He is represented by Abraham Vergis of Providence Law Asia.

Hopefully courts will investigate case

Whether Mr Imran has a case against Mr Yeo for harassment rather than defamation remains to be seen.

Mr Yeo said that he will not be commenting on the case on social media or elsewhere as it is now before the courts.

He is now calling for witnesses to step forward in court, in order to prove that the allegations he made did happen.

Because Mr Ravi has graciously offered pro bono services, Mr Yeo will not be accepting donations.

The first court hearing is set for late Aug. Whatever the outcome of the case, we hope that it’ll be thoroughly investigated.

Featured image adapted from TKQP and Facebook.

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