Instantly Turn Your 1 Pack Into A 6 Pack With This Cosmetic Surgery At A Bangkok Hospital

Bangkok 6 Pack Surgery Costs Around S$5,300

For many, a 6-pack is the product of countless hours spent doing sit-ups, crunches, and other abdominal strengthening exercises

Now, those chiselled abs can be achieved within just hours with a convenient surgery performed at Masterpiece Hospital in Bangkok.


A viral Facebook post documenting the cosmetic surgery has garnered 42,000 shares at the time of writing.

Instant 6 pack through liposuction

Unlike other surgeries that involve inserting fillers, the 6-pack from this cosmetic procedure is achieved by removing fats from the patient’s abdomen. Think liposuction.


Extracting fats will, according to the hospital’s CEO, make for a longer-lasting and natural 6 pack, as compared to fillers.

Even though some may be grossed out by Facebook pictures showing the recovery phase of the surgery, the hospital’s CEO assured that the procedure is relatively painless.


He even clarified that the implant-esque objects seen on the patient’s abdomen are in fact bandages used to soak up blood from where the fats were removed.


Allegedly cost around S$5,300

Even though the cosmetic procedure does make a 6 pack much more achievable, it doesn’t come cheap.

Mr Pangpaparrn, a Thai man who recently underwent the surgery, allegedly spent around S$5,300 for the procedure.


This may sound ridiculously expensive at first, but hey, at least you wouldn’t have to go through those torturous diets and body aching workouts.

For more information about the surgery, check out the hospital’s website here.

Otherwise, if you know of anyone who may be interested in this surgery, tag them in the comments below!

Featured image from Facebook and Facebook.

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