Thai Dancer Goes For Cosmetic Surgery 30 Times To Achieve Desired Oppa Look

Aspiring Thai Dancer Spent S$12,500 On Cosmetic Surgery

18 Dec (11.23pm) Update: The article’s cover picture has been updated to correct a prior error. The original composite image included a ‘Before’ picture misidentified as Mr Prasit, when he was actually Lệ Rơi, a Vietnamese blogger.

Getting rejected as a result of one’s looks is a pretty common situation in the entertainment industry.

But like most problems in life, it’s how you rectify matters that’s key.

For Ratchadapong Prasit, a 25-year-old Thai man, these include undergoing 30 cosmetic surgeries to alter his appearance, after he was rejected 7 times by the same dance theatre.

He now looks like a flawless oppa, no kidding.

Here’s his story.

Rejected by dance theatre 7 times

Before undergoing surgery, Mr Prasit wasn’t particularly successful both romantically and professionally.

Most notably, the aspiring dancer was rejected 7 times by the same dance theatre in Pattaya, Thailand.

Pattaya dance theatres are renowned for their cabaret shows. Often, these shows feature ladyboys and male cross-dressers.

Here’s how he looked before going under the knife.


Other news outlets have incorrectly identified Mr Prasit, before undergoing surgery, as Lệ Rơi, a Vietnamese blogger. Our earlier cover picture featuring Lệ Rơi has since been amended.

Despite being rejected by the dance theatre, Mr Prasit made a killing selling shoes to tourists.

That’s when he starting saving for his epic transformation.

Inspired by Choi Min-Ho

2 years and 30 surgeries later, Mr Prasit looks drastically different from his former self.


Inspired by the Korean superstar Choi Min-Ho, Mr Prasit now goes by the name Min-Ho instead.

Choi Min-Ho (left) vs Mr Prasit (right)
Source: 1 & 2

While many travel to South Korea for their cosmetic surgeries, the 25-year-old did all 30 procedures in his home country of Thailand.

These minor operations include receiving eye & nose injections, and multiple surgeries to his forehead, nose, chin, and mouth.


In total, these procedures amounted to roughly S$12,500 (300,000 baht).

Newfound success

Mr Prasit’s new looks seem to have coincided with his newfound success.

He now works as a cabaret dancer at the same dance theatre that rejected him previously.


More recently, he made it to the finals of One Man – a Thai talent show – where he won the popular vote.

He has also gained fame on social media and made several appearances on TV.

Doesn’t intend to slow down

Despite already looking like a flawless Korean oppa, Thailand’s very own Min-Ho oppa has no intentions of reducing the frequency of his cosmetic surgeries.

He believes “many opportunities” have come his way since he had the surgeries. In addition, he now has “the confidence to do many things”, all of which he “could not do in the past”.

Perseverance is key

Cosmetic surgery may remain a taboo or seem controversial for many Singaporeans.

But if there’s one thing we can learn from Mr Prasit, determination and perseverance can help tide anyone through the toughest of times.

All the best for your future endeavours, Min-Ho oppa!

Featured image from Instagram and Facebook.

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