Lady Reunites With Doggo After Hospice Admission, Proves Friendships Are ‘Furever’

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Lady Reunites With Pet Doggo Of Over 10 Years In Hospice

Dogs are truly man’s best friends.

Not only do they make good guard dogs and sniffers, they are also extremely adorable and loyal to their owners.

Assisi Hospice shared how they allowed a patient’s dog to visit her when she really missed her presence on 23 Jul.


For Mdm Yeo and her dog, Blackie, their reunion has shown how such friendships last furever.

Had Blackie since she was a puppy.

According to Assisi Hospice’s Facebook post, Mdm Yeo has lived with Blackie for over 10 years since she got her as a puppy.

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Although she didn’t want to keep another dog after the untimely demise of her previous dog, the 2 of them have become inseparable ever since her friend gave Blackie to her.

Her friend did so in the hopes that this doggo would provide companionship and happiness to her.

Lady reunites with beloved doggo after seeking  permission

Unfortunately, the lovely duo was soon separated after Mdm Yeo was admitted to Assisi’s Hospice for palliative care.

While Mdm Yeo knew Blackie was in the good hands of her friend, she still longed to see her best buddy.

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Thankfully, they were both given a chance to be reunited once again, with special permission from the hospice.

Blackie were so overjoyed at their reunion that she couldn’t resist giving her mum a huge kiss.

Netizens praise hospice’s move

This heartwarming reunion between Mdm Yeo and Blackie led to many netizens praising Assisi Hospice for giving the green light.

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One of them points out that it’s not common for hospices to allow pets.

Some netizens have even called for more hospitals to allow pets to visit their owners.


MS News would like to extend our best wishes to Mdm Yeo and hope for her speedy recover, so that she can finally be by her best friend’s side once again.

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