S’porean Seeks Long-Lost Father After 34 Years; Possibly Seen In Ang Mo Kio & Tampines

36-Year-Old S’porean Last Saw Her Father When She Was 2

(UPDATE, 23 Sep): Miss Maya has made contact with her father who’s living in an old folks’ home. They’ll be meeting each other soon.

Not everyone in this world has the privilege of growing up with a complete family. While some may go on to lead happy lives despite the odds, there’s no denying that a missing family member leaves a painfully empty space.

36-year-old Nur Amalya Binte Ahmad, better known as Maya, spent 34 years of her life without her long-lost father.

After wondering about him for the longest time, she decided to track him down, and has taken to Facebook for help.


Father left after divorce

Miss Maya was only 2 years old when her parents divorced, and her father left her with her mother.

Too young to recall anything, she never had the chance to get to know him before he disappeared from her life.

The only memories remaining are his full name, Ahmad Bin Mohamad Yusop, and a tattered family photo.


His last place of residence was Marine Parade, though he may have moved over the past three decades or so.

Current location uncertain

Without any concrete information, Miss Maya can only rely on hearsay from relatives who claimed to have seen him.

One aunt relayed a rumour that he may be living in Ang Mo Kio. Another said that she had seen him frequently around Tampines.

But with no proper details, Miss Maya has very little to work with in her quest to find her long-lost father.

Anyone with information, please share

Desperate to find him once and for all, Miss Maya’s boyfriend appealed to the Internet to work its magic and help find her father.

Those with any information at all that may help should either reply to the post or message Fuad Maya on Facebook directly.

We wish Miss Maya all the best and hope that the search is fruitful, so that she can finally reunite with her long-lost father.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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