Man With No Mask Rants At Pioneer MRT, Netizens Call Him Out For Inciting Racial Disharmony

Man At Pioneer MRT Allegedly Turned Away By Shopkeeper For Not Wearing Mask

It is now Day 12 of ‘Circuit Breaker’. While most of us are stuck at home, we’ve been privy to a slew of ‘colourful’ incidences in the outside world thanks to social media.

Not everyone is coping well, evidently.

Some had started throwing chairs and random furniture down their HDB block. Some apparently found their calling as social vigilantes, openly chiding people for not wearing masks.

On Friday (17 Apr), one man at Pioneer MRT didn’t take things well when he was called out for not wearing a mask. His outbursts were captured in a Facebook video and garnered over 12,000 shares overnight.

The choice of words used is distasteful – to put it mildly – so brace yourselves if you’re pressing ‘Play’.

We warned ya.

Man turned away from Pioneer MRT supermart

Facebook user Ms Amy took to Facebook near midnight on Friday (17 Apr), saying that she declined to let him buy things at her shop as he wasn’t wearing a mask.

Since her caption is in Chinese, we’ll translate it for you below.


She wrote,

Don’t wear mask, don’t let you buy things, not because we’re trying to hurt you! We don’t gain anything from refusing to sell! In fact, we would earn less! We also have to care for the safety of other customers and staff! We’re also caring for you! Yet you still scold us! Racial discrimination!

Man said he simply wanted to buy an item

It seemed that the belligerent man simply wanted to buy a carton of milk, and he rebutted by saying he forgot to bring his mask.

Probably triggered by the shopkeeper’s actions, he started an angry monologue. Here’s a snippet of what he said, sans the vulgarities.

Just forget to bring, just to buy one thing. Eh you [Chinese], all the virus comes from you guys.

Netizens criticise man for stoking racial issues

The man’s harshness obviously did not go down well with Singaporeans. Many responded to the video with criticism.

This Facebook user said the man “should be arrested and jailed”, for such behaviour has no place in Singapore’s “harmonious, pluralistic society.”


Another user called the man out for being “disgraceful, and giving a “lame excuse” for not wearing a mask.


Fellow Facebook user simply reminded people that not wearing a mask is already an offence. End of story.


Never lose sight of what’s important

We get it, ‘Circuit Breaker’ period is definitely testing everyone’s mental strength. But there’s really no excuse for you to go into CB mode either.

Wearing a mask is super important right now, especially since it’s already an offence. Don’t forget when you’re heading out, and more importantly, don’t submit to blind anger when people remind you about it.

We’re just looking out for each other, after all. We simply want Covid-19 to end.

Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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