Rare Deer Spotted On Mandai Wildlife Bridge, Among 70 Species Now Crossing Road Safely

Sambar Deer Among 70 Species Spotted Using Mandai Wildlife Bridge

As Singapore becomes increasingly developed, coexisting with nature becomes a growing concern. So when the elusive Sambar deer made an appearance at the Mandai Wildlife Bridge, it was as if our hope for such harmony is restored.

Built in 2019, the Mandai Wildlife Bridge enables animals to access the opposite forest patch without having to cross a busy road.

Image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Since then, over 70 species of animals have reportedly been using the bridge.

Bridging wildlife with urban city life

In 2019, the Mandai Wildlife Bridge was built to prevent roadkill, according to TODAY Online. Thanks to the bridge, animals can cross Mandai Lake Road without facing any traffic.

mandai deerImage courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Trees and vegetation native to the various animals’ habitats line the bridge, encouraging them to traverse the structure. Fencing along the road also guide the animals to it.

In a media release, the Mandai Wildlife Group said that they expect a continuous canopy to form over the bridge by 2025.

Nearly 70 wildlife species already using the bridge

Since the bridge’s launch in Dec 2019, footage from the 6 cameras there have shown various wildlife crossing it.

mandai deerImage courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group

Apart from the rare Sambar deer, wild pigs and fruit bats have made use of the amenity.

As the vegetation matures, Mandai Wildlife Group hopes that more elusive species will use the bridge to move between forest patches.

Hope wildlife will continue to thrive in urban Singapore

As Singapore continues to develop its urban landscape, we hope that the native wildlife can continue to thrive too.

After all, they’ve probably been calling Singapore home for far longer than many of us.

It is certainly heartening to see photos of them in good care, thanks to folks like Mandai Wildlife Group looking out for them. Kudos, and we hope that such efforts will continue.

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Featured image courtesy of Mandai Wildlife Group.

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