S’pore Surgical Mask Seller Scams At Least 2 On Carousell, Buyers File Police Reports

Mask Seller On Carousell Reportedly Disappears After Payment, Uses Several Different Accounts & Aliases

With face masks selling out quicker than you can say “Covid-19” across Singapore, some are capitalising on the shortage by marking up prices on their stashes online.

Others are more devious: they claim to sell masks but disappear after payment. One such man is at large after cheating several people of their money.

Carousell mask scammer disappears after customer makes payment

This person purports to represent Pharmex Healthcare, which stocks surgical masks and other healthcare supplies.


One listing on Carousell shows 3 ply surgical masks going for $30.



The listing looks legitimate enough, and there are several others like it under different accounts.

Upon contact, he’ll request for payment to PayNow under a “Pharmex” number, following which he’ll “confirm” the order using a fake invoice.


However, he’ll become uncontactable after receiving payment. The PayNow number remains the same across all “transactions”, indicating a possible usage of burner mobile numbers to scam prey.

Several have fallen prey to this scam and made police reports:


One of them was upset enough to offer a $1,000 reward for whoever finds the scammer.


Someone who dealt with this scammer nearly fell to the same fate, but luckily insisted on Cash on Delivery and as a result didn’t lose any money.


Pharmex responds, claims seller is illegitimate

The parent company of Pharmex Healthcare, Yeap Medical Supplies Pte Ltd, responded on Facebook on Sunday (16 Feb).


They are aware that someone has been impersonating them, and warn that they do not sell masks on platforms such as Carousell or Qoo10.

There are only 3 Pharmex retail stores, and these are the only places where they will sell goods.

Yeap Medical Supplies would also like more information on the scammer and invite those with any knowledge to message them.

Be aware of what you’re buying and watch for scammers on Carousell

We understand that masks are in vastly short supply from retail stores, and that this may necessitate delving into the proverbial black market.

However, do always be prudent when making online transactions and be aware that there are those out there who’ll try to seize on the shortage to make a quick buck. Only deal with trusted sellers and don’t send money before meet-up.

Hopefully the scammer will be found and brought to justice.

Featured image adapted from Facebook and Facebook

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