These Massive AirPods Let You Hear Music Loud & Clear

Apple users wandering around with wireless AirPods in their ears are a common sight these days. If the cost has held you back from getting your own pair, you might want to aim for something bigger — massive, even.

Costing far less than the actual thing, these Giant AirPods from Getaholic guarantee that your music plays loudly and clearly.


Instead of a pair, you’ll only need 1 to share your fave lo-fi tunes with your BFFs at your next gathering.

Massive AirPods bigger than a human hand

Apple’s smol and lightweight AirPods may be easy to carry around, but we all know that that has been part of their downfall.

Sans wires, losing the earbuds has been a common grievance users expressed ever since their inception.

But with AirPods much larger than an average adult hand, there’s almost no way you can lose these.


Of course, you can’t use these on your MRT or bus rides, but they make handy companions at events like parties or picnics.

AirPods let you share tunes with others

You’ve probably spent quite some time meticulously picking songs and curating your playlists, that you fancy yourself to be quite the connoisseur.

Keeping them to yourself would thus be a crime, so you should consider investing in a good speaker to share your fave tunes with everyone.

Since the gadget connects via Bluetooh, you can link it up with virtually any device that has that function, and play your music out loud.


Wannabe DJs who need a speaker for your next party can get one for a special promo price of S$45.36 (excluding shipping) on Getaholic here.

Make your fave songs more boomz

Having these one-of-a-kind speakers will make listening to music a much more enjoyable experience.

Now you can impress your friends or guests at your mini gatherings, where everyone can sing along to tunes like Backstreet Boys’ ‘I Want It That Way’.

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Featured image adapted from Getaholic Getaway Shopaholic.