McDonald’s USA Has Big Mac Bag & Happy Meal Shirt That’s Perfect For Chillin’ On Sundaes

McDonald’s USA Launches Exclusive Holiday Items Just In Time For Christmas

Singaporeans recently went crazy over the release of the McDonald’s loungewear collection, so much so that the website crashed and the apparel had to be released on another date.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s

If you think that collection was lit, you clearly ain’t seen nothing yet.

McDonald’s in the States recently launched a merch collection that includes Big Mac bag, Fries socks, and Happy Meal T-shirt that are so cute, they’d be perfect for chillin’ on Sundaes, we mean, Sundays.


Here are some of our favourites from the collection.

Happy Meal T-shirt

Those who grew up eating McDonald’s Happy Meal will be familiar with the iconic crimson box with a yellow smile printed on it.


Now, you’ll be able to get a T-shirt with that exact same design. If the Happy Meal brought you joy in the past, we’re sure it’ll cheer you up just the same now.


Smol Big Mac bag

The Big Mac is one of McDonald’s signature offerings known for its humongous size.


But surprisingly, the collection offers us a smol Big Mac bag that can be used to hold your barang barangs like house keys and lip balms.


Fries sock to spice up your footwear

The collection also offers a few socks designs, but our favourite would definitely be the World Famous Fries Socks.

They come in a red-yellow design that resembles an actual packet of chips.


Pair it together with this burger-inspired sneaker and you’ll get a value meal perfect fries-on-burger combination.


Stainless steel McDonald’s tumbler to keep your kopi warm

With the cold weather of late, many of us are ‘removing’ the peng from our daily kopi orders.


To keep your morning cup of joe warm, consider getting this Golden Arches Stainless Steel Tumbler that looks just like the paper cup you typically get from McDonald’s, but with insulating properties.


Can only be delivered in the US, sigh

The collection, which includes journals, hair ties, and Popsockets can be bought from the Golden Arches Unlimited website.


Sadly, the collection can only be delivered within the US. Some of them are also sold out.

But if you have friends who are in the States right now, perhaps this is the time to ‘claim’ that favour he or she owes you.

Otherwise, engage one of the many courier services that have a US address and have them ship it back to you.

For the rest of us, guess we can only wait and pray that McDonald’s Singapore brings it to our shores in due time.

Featured image adapted from McDonald’s

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