McDonald’s M’sia Has Ice Blended Chocolate With Oreo In Case Dec Weather Isn’t Cold Enough

McDonald’s M’sia Rolls Out Ice Blended Chocolate Drink With Oreo Toppings

On most days, we tend to complain that Singapore’s weather is too hot to function.

However, when the temperature drops below 21 degrees, many of us wind up layering our jackets and turning to drinks like hot Milo to get us through the cold.


But if you’re down for going through the full once-a-year tropical winter experience, the new Ice Blended Chocolate drink at McDonald’s Malaysia will do the trick.

Imagine slurping down an entire ice blended drink while it’s raining outside. Sounds crazy, but why not dive right into the cold while we have it, right?

Ice chocolate comes in 2 forms

You can get the Ice Chocolate drink as a regular beverage with ice cubes or in ice blended form for some frozen goodness.


Die-hard milo fans would probably prefer the regular version which is basically a cold version of hot chocolate infused with Oreo bits.

Both versions come with a heap of whipped cream on top and Oreo crumbs for that thrilling kick of sugar.


Each cup only costs around S$3.92 (RM12) so these drinks are pretty affordable as well.

Available at Malaysia McCafé stores

Those travelling to Malaysia this holiday, be sure to make your way down to a McCafé outlet and treat yourself to an Ice Chocolate drink.

You can even bring a few cups back for your friends to try, or store some in the fridge for your next craving.

Are you planning to try the drink any time soon? Let us know in the comments.

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Feature images adapted from Twitter and McDonald’s Malaysia

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