McDonald’s Now Has Nugget Pillow, Lets You Snuggle With Your Favourite Snacc

McDonald’s Nugget Body Pillow Is Almost A Metre Long

We all know that feeling of going to sleep, desperately trying to get your midnight cravings out of your head.

Well, if you can’t eat it at least you can go to sleep with it.

McDonald’s has dropped a new line of merchandise which includes a nugget body pillow.


No, that’s not a blown up photo of a piece of McNugget. This nugget pillow looks so real it almost makes our stomach growl in excitement.

Travis Scott x McDonald’s collaboration

The huge nugget pillow is part of a collaboration which McDonald’s recently launched with American rapper and singer, Travis Scott.

The collaboration includes a range of 37 merchandise and a limited-edition meal.

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

It features items like vintage metal lunchboxes, T-shirts, hats, and even a clutch in the shape of a happy meal box.

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

The cheapest items of the merchandise line are the Cactus Jack Styrofoam Cup and Cactus Jack Breakfast Boxers which cost S$34 (US$25).

Nugget body pillow is 91cm long

As cute as all the other merch are, nothing catches our eye quite like the hyper-realistic nugget pillow.

For those who proclaim nuggets are life, this one’s for you.

This pillow is a whopping 91.44cm long and costs about S$122.53 (US$90). That’s roughly the price of 29 boxes of the 6-piece McNuggets in Singapore.

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

If you’re sticking to a diet to lose all the WFH weight, this would make a great investment.

Instead of spending on multiple guilt-ridden meals, you can now snuggle with a McNugget at home.

Not only can you have nuggets on the streets, you can have nuggets in your sheets.

Netizens can’t help but want the nugget pillow

This is not the first time McDonald’s has launched merchandise, but this time, netizens were quick to jump on the nugget pillow hype.

Though some balked at the hefty price, their love for McNuggets trumped all doubts as many were ready to splurge on the product.


One netizen even quips, “Who said money can’t buy happiness?” as he posts a picture of the nugget pillow.

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

Many loved the chicken nugget pillow so much, they didn’t even care if it was from a collaboration with Travis Scott.

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

This netizen perhaps summed everybody’s sentiments perfectly:

McDonald's nugget pillowSource

A nugget pillow the size of a small human may not be a necessity, but we all can’t resist the urge to get one.

Ships to Singapore

Although the entire merchandise collection is currently sold out, you can register to be alerted the moment they restock here.

You’ll be glad to know that this McDonald’s merchandise line does ship to Singapore, though the shipping might come with a hefty price tag.

So tag some nugget-loving friends in the comments down below to make your orders together!

Featured image adapted from Twitter and Insider.

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