McDonald’s Pyjamas Styled As S’pore Streetwear By ZULA & They Look Amazing

Female Beauty Website ZULA Shows Us McDonald’s Pyjamas Are More Than Just Loungewear

The release of McDonald’s pyjamas sets has left Singaporeans in a frenzy, even causing the McDelivery website to crash once orders were open earlier this week.

Image courtesy of McDonald’s

If you were one of the lucky few who got your hands on them, here’s a guide on how to rock it in 3 different ways from female beauty website ZULA’s very own Leah Shannon.

Leah once again proves her expertise in fashion and styling is unrivalled with ZULA’s latest video “Styling MCDONALD’S PYJAMAS As Streetwear“.

McDonald's pyjamasSource

After succeeding in getting her hands on the loungewear, the next step was to brainstorm for creative ways on how the clothes can be incorporated as streetwear fashion.

We take you through them one style at a time.

1. Street style

Street style is both quirky and easy, as Leah leaves the loungewear top around her tube unbuttoned.


Matching it with a bucket hat, baggy pants and a black belt, she definitely nailed the look.


The colours match perfectly too.

2. Back to school style

The most accessible style on the list is the ‘back to school’ look, which Leah also did an amazing job with.


By simply wearing a denim jacket and a white shirt that allow the bright yellow shorts to stand out, we feel she pulled off the look rather effortlessly.


3. Semi-formal style

The last look on their list is the semi-formal style, which could be a little trickier to master.


Nonetheless, Leah showed us that as long as you have the confidence, you can surely pull off the look with a ruched green formal dress and the McDonald’s pyjamas as an inner top.


Netizens love the looks

Many netizens took their opinions to the comments section and here are a few different ones.

This YouTuber loved outfit number 3 — the semi-formal look.


While others took note of the great edit done by ZULA and said that the street style was their favourite.


There are also others who said that the semi-formal style is a great idea for McDonald’s new uniform.


Fashion on another level

Thanks to Leah’s taste and efforts, ZULA has showed us that even a set of pyjamas can be used to complement your everyday look tastefully if you think out of the box.

Good job to Leah and her team for coming up with 3 different looks within the same week as the loungewear’s release.

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