13 Military Dogs Retire From SAF, Up For Adoption From 15 Apr

Retired SAF Dogs Up For Adoption From 15 Apr-16 May

Every drug-sniffing, bomb-sniffing, assailant-tracking dog of the military grows old too.

MINDEF announced today (16 Apr) that 13 dogs have recently “ORD-ed” from the SAF Military Working Dog Unit (MWDU) and are now looking for a new home.

It has set up an adoption page specially for their four-legged veterans.

13 ex-military dogs looking for a home

Being part of the military, these dogs are intelligent, extremely disciplined and healthy.

MINDEF describes the quirks and habits of each dog so you can know what to expect. We feature a couple of them below. Of the 13, 2 are HDB-suitable under Project ADORE — Spud and Mocca.

Description: This energetic ball of fur loves human interaction and companionship – you can always count on him for a walk or game of fetch. And if you want to relax, he’s more than happy to just curl up next to you and patiently wait for his share of head pats!

Description: Although he may be senior in years, Mocca still has plenty of energy to spare! Throw a tennis ball in any direction, and this black lab will be more than happy to play a game of fetch.He loves human companionship. With his warm and affectionate personality, Mocca will make an excellent addition for any family with an active lifestyle!

Description: Any family would be lucky to have this adorable dog! Although he has a heart murmur condition, he remains very active and loves walks and exploring new environments. Provide Lucky with lots of affection, and he is sure to return the love.

Description: Friendly and active, Fabia is always excited to meet new people. An intelligent and obedient dog, she is at her best when engaged in play, and will certainly be a lively addition to any home!

Description: He may be big and loud, but don’t be afraid to say hello to Simbo! One of the friendliest dogs in the unit, he likes to nuzzle his handlers in exchange for pats. He also loves belly rubs and will roll over to ask for them! Shower him with love and Simbo will definitely return the favour.

Adoption process

The adoption process starts with a form. MINDEF will want to make sure that you’re a citizen or permanent resident and that your house has enough space for the dog.

If you meet all the basic requirements, they’ll give you a call and arrange for a visit to your house to see if it’s suitable for the dog.

A month in, they will visit again to make sure the dog is adjusting well. Yep, that’s how much they care for their service dogs.

Owning larger dogs under Project ADORE

As mentioned earlier, only Spud and Mocca are HDB-approved — that is, only if you fulfill the requirements of Project ADORE.

Project ADORE was launched in 2012 to allow HDB residents to adopt larger dogs. The requirements include making sure that their neighbours are agreeable to him/her having a larger dog and that the dogs are well-trained.

The adoption drive runs from 15 Apr to 16 May. If at the end of it, any dogs are not adopted, MWDU will continue taking care of them.

Featured image from MINDEF

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