Concord International Hospital’s Lapses Posed Risk To Patients, Says MOH As It Orders Process Review

Concord International Hospital Told To Stop Providing Healthcare Services Until It Has Addressed All Lapses

If you’re unfortunate enough to need to go to hospital for whatever reason, you’d want to be assured that you’re well-protected.

Most patients obviously don’t expect to be exposed to risk while in hospital.

It’s been revealed, however, that patients at a private hospital on Adam Road were exposed to risks due to lapses in several areas.


The Ministry of Health (MOH) has thus told it to stop providing healthcare services and work to review its processes.

MOH inspected private hospital From 14-16 Dec

In a news release on Saturday (26 Dec), MOH said that it inspected Concord International Hospital from 14-16 Dec.

“Several significant lapses” were found as a result, the ministry added.

One of them involved multiple equipment and medications that can save lives, which were supposed to be in “critical areas” like the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and operating theatre.

They were either not maintained or not found in these areas, MOH revealed.

Additionally, the inspection found a “lack of quality control” in the lab and infection control processes.

Lapses have an impact on patient safety

MOH said that these lapses would have an impact on patient safety.

The ministry also pointed out that the aforementioned quality control lapse would pose “significant risks to patient safety and well-being”.

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As such, the hospital had breached the Private Hospitals and Medical Clinics (PHMC) Act, it added.

Hospital has stopped providing healthcare services

Due to these findings, MOH told Concord International Hospital to temporarily suspend the provision of healthcare services.

The hospital will review its lapses and processes with MOH’s help.

When it has addressed all regulatory lapses, MOH will assess whether it’s ready to reopen for operations.

No patients warded in hospital since 19 Dec

Since 19 Dec, there have been no patients warded in Concord International Hospital, which is located at 19 Adam Road.

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However, 4 patients had ongoing outpatient medical appointments.

MOH has thus told the hospital to ensure that the care of these 4 patients are continued continued properly by reviewing their treatment plans.

Patients who are currently being cared for at the hospital have been advised to go to other licensed healthcare facilities temporarily, and discuss with their doctors how they can do so.

They can also consult MOH by emailing them at

MOH reminds healthcare facilities to comply with PHMC Act

MOH has reminded all healthcare facilities, whether they’re from the private or public sector, to comply fully with the PHMC Act if they’re licensed under it.

They’ll be inspected regularly and without notice to make sure they’re complying.

Errant facilities may be fined up to $20,000, and their licence may be revoked.

From the 2nd half of 2021, the new Healthcare Services Act will govern all healthcare facilities, MOH noted.

This will ensure patients are cared for safely by tightening their oversight and compliance to the rules.

Patient care is of utmost importance

In the age of Covid-19, patient safety is of utmost importance.

As it’s possible that we may see more patients in hospital, lapses in healthcare services can pose an danger to public health.

That’s why MOH took the necessary step of stopping healthcare services at Concord International Hospital till all lapses are plugged.

Let’s hope that no patients were affected.

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