Monitor Lizard Eyes Cat Carcass At Tampines Longkang, Netizens Think Feline Drowned During Floods

Monitor Lizard Eyes Floating Cat Carcass In Tampines Canal

Monitor lizards in Singapore have been spotted feasting on a myriad of wildlife, from stingrays to pythons.

But they do not seem to pardon domesticated animals either, as one was seen eyeing a cat’s bloated body at a Tampines longkang.


The netizen who witnessed the scene speculates that the cat might’ve drowned in the canal due to recent downpours.

Monitor lizard gets ready to consume cat’s carcass

On Tuesday (6 Apr), a netizen shared this gruesome scene at Sungei Tampines river in the Facebook group ‘Singapore Wildlife Sightings’.


From the pictures she took, we can see the body of a white cat floating in the water, with a monitor lizard next to it, possibly drooling.


The lizard was allegedly swimming in circles around the carcass, as if marking its territory.


True enough, the beast can’t seem to wait until the body decomposes to start its next meal.


Cat likely to have drowned in flooded canal

Upon witnessing the unfortunate incident, the netizen attributes the floating cat carcass to recent downpours.

It’s true that we’ve hardly gone a day in the past week without an afternoon thunderstorm.

As such, the rain may have caused many canals to flood. Possibly having fallen into the canal and unable to swim for long, the cat eventually drowned.

According to the OP, a similar incident happened to a black cat in Pasir Ris earlier this morning (6 Apr).

Both cats unfortunately died, with the white one’s bloated body possibly ending up in a monitor lizard’s stomach.


A gruesome scene to witness

Some say that this is simply the circle of life at play.

While it might well be so, for many of us, cats are mostly seen as pets.

As such, it can be distressing to witness such an incident. We hope that the flooding will soon come to a stop.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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