Apr Showers With Lightning Expected In 1st Half Of Month, But Weather Will Still Be Warm

NEA Forecasts Moderate To Heavy Thundery Showers On Most Afternoons Due To Monsoon Rain Band

In the blink of an eye, the month of Apr has arrived, and with it will come April showers.

The phenomenon, usually associated with countries in the Northern Hemisphere, will present itself in Singapore thanks to the monsoon rain band.

The Meteorological Service Singapore (MSS) expects the 1st half of the month to have “moderate to heavy thundery showers with frequent lightning”.


However, those hoping for aircon weather that ensued due to the rain in Jan will be disappointed.

The weather will still be generally warm, and the daily maximum temperature may even go up to 35°C.

Singapore enters inter-monsoon period in Apr

In a media release on Thursday (1 Apr), the MSS said the Northeast Monsoon, which has been holding fort over the region since Dec, will gradually weaken.

The conditions, which were responsible for a monsoon surge that caused heaps of rain in Jan, will end and make way for inter-monsoon conditions in the 1st half of Apr.


The inter-monsoon period is characterised by a few signs:

  1. Light winds and strong land heating in the daytime, which leads to
  2. Localised and intense thunderstorms
  3. Higher than usual lightning activity

Showers, warm weather in the afternoon & evening

Hence, in this period Singapore can expect to have thundery showers, but also warm weather in the afternoon and early evening.

We will also see more lightning in the sky, MSS said.


In the 1st 2 weeks of Apr, the monsoon rain band that will come close to equatorial Southeast Asia will give us showers of short duration on most afternoons.

If there is strong convergence of winds in the surrounding vicinity, these thundery showers could continue in the early evening on a few days.

Rainfall to be near normal

Though we can expect rain on most days, the rainfall for most of Singapore will still be “near normal” overall, the MSS said.


However, 1-2 days in the 1st half of Apr will see “fair and warm” weather. This is due to stable atmospheric conditions over Singapore and its surroundings.

Showers also expected on 1-2 mornings

Though most of the rain in the fortnight is expected in the afternoon and evening, on 1-2 mornings there will also “thundery showers with gusty winds”.


This will be caused by the eastward passage of a Sumatra squall from the Strait of Malacca.

Overall, the prevailing winds will shift, and blow from the west on a few days.

Daily temperature to be between 25-34°C

The winds and rain doesn’t mean that the 1st half of Apr will be cooler, though.

The MSS predicts the daily temperature to be between 25-34°C on most days.


In fact, on some days, the daily maximum temperature may hit a high of about 35°C.

So if you’re going back to the office, you may hope the aircon there’s a bit stronger.

MSS noted that climatologically, Apr is supposed to be 1 of the warmest months of the year.

Thus, the slightly warmer weather isn’t something that’s unusual.

Bring umbrella but dress lightly

The MSS’ predictions have usually come true, so it looks like the next 2 weeks will be warmer than the 2nd half of Mar.

However, the thundery showers will persist, so if you’re out and about, don’t forget to bring your umbrella even as you dress lightly for the warm weather.

All in all, the combination of warm weather but thundery showers is quite normal for Singapore.

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Featured image adapted from achresis khora @ Flickr.

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