NEA Predicts 2nd Monsoon Surge Over The Weekend, Temperatures To Dip As Low As 21°C

Persistent Rain Expected To Last Through The Weekend, Will Bring Cool & Windy Conditions

After we rang in the New Year, many Singaporeans spent most of our long weekend hiding at home and malls as torrential rain covered the island for 2 days.

After a brief respite from the rain this week, it seems the wet weather will come back with a vengeance this weekend.

The National Environment Agency (NEA) has predicted that this weekend will be equally rainy, thanks to our 2nd monsoon surge this month.


Furthermore, the rain will lead to more aircon weather – temperatures will dip as low as 21°C.

Widespread rain will come on Friday night

As workers look forward to the end of the working week, NEA said in a Facebook post on Friday (8 Jan) that the showers will come as soon as that same day.

This is due to a “northeast monsoon surge” that’s developing in the region.


Thus, it’s predicting widespread rain on Friday night, as the monsoon surge strengthens.

Some of this rain will be heavy.

Rain will continue over the weekend

After the deluge on Friday, the rain won’t let up.

Instead, it will be “persistent”, and is expected to continue over the weekend, the NEA said.


This comes after a similar monsoon surge last weekend, which caused 2 days of continuous rain.

Rainy conditions will cause temperature to plunge

The tireless rain this weekend will bring cool and windy conditions, the NEA also said.

These will cause the temperature to plunge.

In some places in Singapore, the daily minimum temperature will dip to as low as 21°C.


That’s as low as the chilly climate of 21°C recorded at Newton on 16 Sep, and the 21.2°C recorded there on 1 Jan.

Thus, the current spell of aircon weather won’t be ending anytime soon.

Don’t forget to bring your umbrella out

It’s less than 2 weeks into the new year and Singapore has already seen unprecedented levels of heavy rain and cold weather due to the La Nina phenomenon.

As it’s set to continue, if you’re planning on being out and about this weekend, it’s advisable to bring your umbrella along.

For those who plan to stay at home, though, the rare cool weather can be a delight.

However, let’s just hope that the incidents of floods, landslides and tree falling we experienced last weekend will be kept to a minimum.

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Featured image adapted from MS News.

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