Monitor Lizard Crawls Into Punggol Kopitiam, Customer Scrambles Onto Table To Evade It

Monitor Lizard Stumbles Into Happy Hawkers Kopitiam In Punggol

Monitor lizards are often the subject of admiration in the wild. But when they encroach into spaces occupied by humans, the reaction might not be the same.

Recently, a monitor lizard stumbled into a kopitiam in Punggol, scaring the daylights out of customers there.

Source: TikTok

Patrons did everything they could to steer clear of the reptile, resting their legs on chairs and even sitting on the table.

Juvenile monitor lizard crawls into Punggol kopitiam

A TikTok clip shared on Friday (13 Jan) showed a juvenile monitor lizard crawling near the drinks stall at a kopitiam.

Source: TikTok

Going by its appearance, the kopitiam in question appears to be the Happy Hawkers coffee shop along Edgefield Plains in Punggol.

The monitor lizard seemed cautious of the unfamiliar surroundings at first, retreating immediately when a man got close to it.

Source: TikTok

As the man grabbed a chair to chase it away, the monitor lizard turned to its right and somehow found its way further into the kopitiam.

Source: TikTok

Staff & patrons scramble upon seeing reptile

Upon catching a glimpse of the lizard, kopitiam customers and patrons looked terrified, rising almost immediately from their seats.

Source: TikTok

In an attempt to siam the creature, a man in black t-shirt even sat himself down on one of the tables.

Source: TikTok

For reasons unknown, the lizard froze before a fenced section of the kopitiam, sticking out its long tongue from time to time.

The video ended with the lizard getting into a ‘face-off ‘ with a kopitiam staff armed with a broom.

Source: TikTok

Though it’s unclear how and why the monitor lizard found its way into the kopitiam, the OP suggested that it could be due to its location next to a waterway coupled with the wet weather.

Source: TikTok

We hope the lizard managed to find its way back into its habitat unscathed.

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