Mothercare Warehouse Sale At Geylang Has Baby & Kids Items At Up To 70% Off

Pan-I Complex In Geylang Holds Mothercare Warehouse Sale For Baby & Kids

Raising a child isn’t easy. One of the main difficulties parents face is the cost of raising a child in Singapore.

Remember in 2016 when a study showed that it could cost you from S$360,000 to S$1,000,000?

According to Singapore Atrium Sale, there is a warehouse sale by Mothercare at Pan-I Complex that helps you save on baby and kid items with discounts of up to 70% from Friday (10 May) to Sunday (12 May).


Diapers from $0.22 per piece

Diapers are costly — especially when you need one every 2 to 3 hours.

Thankfully, Mothercare has got you covered. If you just need 30 pieces, you can get it for only $8. That’s around $0.27/diaper.


Assuming you need more, they also have 64 pieces for $17, which is around $0.26 for a diaper.


If you really want to stock up on diapers they have the 90 diaper version for $20. That’s $0.22/diaper.


Kids footwear & socks from $2

As a child learns to walk, you definitely need socks and shoes to protect them from sharp objects and dirt on the ground.

The warehouse sale sells shoes at prices starting from $2 and as a benefit, it is also extremely cute. Just look at these $2 fluffy dog shoes.


A wide selection of shoes are also available at $5.


Shoes are usually paired up with socks and not to worry, they have discounts for them too. Based on the picture, you can buy 3 pairs of socks for $2.


Kids jackets under $20

Baby and kids clothes are also available at the warehouse sale. For your convenience, they are even placed on hangers arranged by age ranges.


If your child is too cold, they have jackets at 50% off.


Your child can even dress up as their favourite superhero if they wanted to.


You can even get an addition 20% off the final price if you purchase any 4 fashion sale items.


Toys to stimulate the brain

As parents, you may not think much of kiddish toys that seem useless to you. However, certain toys actually stimulate the brain.

For example, the $10 Honey Bee Tree toy may help with their critical thinking.


Other items such as the $12 wooden triceratops puzzle helps to develop both the left and right parts of the brain.


$100 prams & $80 baby seats on sale

A child’s safety is usually a parent’s priority. Therefore, items like prams and child seats are indispensable.

However, these items are usually quite expensive. Fortunately, the warehouse sale sells them cheaper compared to other retailers.

A pram there will only set you back $100 compared to hundreds that you will have to fork out normally.


Baby seats are also an essential item in a parents arsenal. At the warehouse sale, you are only charged $80 for one.


Paradise for parents

As of today (10 May), it seems like not many people know about the sale so there are still many items left.

However, we don’t know how long the items will stay on the shelves once the weekend arrives. So make time this weekend to head down early to snag all the good deals before everything runs out.

Address: 601, Sims Drive, Singapore 387382
Nearest MRT: Aljunied, Kallang, and Geylang Bahru
Opening hours: 11am-9pm (Fri-Sat), 11am-6pm (Sun)

Featured image from Facebook.

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