Motorcyclist Helps Tortoise Cross The Road In Bukit Panjang, Netizens Touched By Adorable Scene

Motorcyclist In Bukit Panjang Stops Passing Car To Help Tortoise Cross The Road

Our sunny island has rich wildlife and biodiversity. Therefore, part and parcel of living in Singapore is co-existing harmoniously with our friends in the wild.

One man has certainly set a good example for us, as he helped a little tortoise cross the road in Bukit Panjang recently.


Touched by this adorable scene, netizens applauded the man’s kindness.

Stops car so tortoise can cross Bukit Panjang road safely

Facebook user Mr Teo shared a video clip of the scene online today (21 Jan).

As his vehicle dashcam happened to capture the whole incident, Mr Teo decided to post it to the Facebook group “Singapore Wildlife Sightings” to share the heartwarming scene.


In the clip, a tortoise can be seen standing in the middle of the road. Perhaps worried that the creature couldn’t make it to the other side in time, a motorcyclist parked his bike by the road shoulder. He then approached the tortoise hastily.


As a vehicle approached, he started gesturing to the driver to move out of the way. Thankfully, the driver was already slowing down as the car rounded the bend.


As the motorcyclist gently guided the tortoise along with what looked to be a stick of some sort, the creature seemed rather cooperative. In fact, we’re pretty sure we haven’t seen a tortoise move so fast before.


In case you’re wondering, no — we didn’t speed up the clip.

Amazes netizens with little act of kindness

Touched by how the motorcyclist was willing to risk his own safety for a smol creature, netizens commend him for the heartwarming act.

Apart from expressing respect towards the motorcyclist, this netizen also marvelled at the tortoise’s speed.


This netizen, while applauding the motorcyclist, also pointed to the importance of ensuring other road users’ safety.


One also mentioned that good men like this motorcyclist are what we need more of in our society.


Hope tortoise is safe & sound

With more wildlife sightings being reported lately, we’re happy to see that hoomans are helping to look out for these creatures’ safety too.

We hope the little tortoise is safe and sound wherever it may be, and won’t end up in a similarly risky situation again.

Kudos to the motorcyclist, for showing kindness to other living creatures in need.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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