No Dog-Walking Inside Condominium Common Areas, Bring Them To Public Spaces Instead

Dog-Walking & Exercising Not Allowed Within Condominium Grounds

Doggo owners in condominiums faced some awful news on Tuesday (28 Apr) as they’ll no longer be allowed to walk their dogs inside condo property.


This includes common areas like gardens and playgrounds, as well as open spaces and walking paths.

Dog walking not allowed within gated condominium property

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) told Channel NewsAsia (CNA) on Tuesday (28 Apr) that exercising and walking dogs in public areas – except fitness corners –  is fine, but not within condo property.

Condo property here includes common areas like playgrounds and swimming pools within community gates.

Those looking to get some rare and legal fresh air these days will have to venture slightly further outside their condominium.


Measure to ensure crowding doesn’t occur

BCA explained the reason for closing off these private spaces is due to the potential for crowding.

And as we all know, crowding is a no-no during these safe distancing times.

If too many people exercise or give Ol’ Chonky their daily walk inside a gated community at the same time, that’ll be a Covid-19 level problem.

So please do your stuff in public areas, and don’t walk dogs, swim or run around inside condo property.

4 people have already been fined for breaking safe distancing rules inside condo areas, the BCA announced on 20 Apr.

Please stay at home, only walk your dog in public areas

First of all, stay home if you can.

Secondly, for those with dogs, we understand your pain — they can’t just stay at home and they need to go for walks.

While condo areas are off-limits, you can still walk your doggo outside in public areas, like nearby parks, and only if you’re the sole person walking them.

It’s a bit more of a hassle, but these are exceptional times and we’re all trying our best to be safe.

Featured image adapted from Vanillapup.

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