NUS Stalker Allegedly Hacks Into Girl’s Account & Joins Her Church

“Nice Guy” NUS Stalker Hacks Into Girl’s Online Accounts & Joins Her Church

We’ve all had crushes in school before.

We’ve also probably embarrassed ourselves in front of them. I for one stutter my ass off when I meet someone even mildly attractive.

That’s pretty much normal. Stalking and harassing them isn’t though.

Yesterday (2 Sep), Redditor u/dj9196 shared her 22-year-old sister’s experience with a creepy stalker in the National University of Singapore (NUS).

Here’s her post in full:

Advice for dealing with a Nice Guy stalker please?

My sister (22F) is being harassed by this dude (26M).

They met at NUS and my sis is a really sweet girl who tries to see the good in everyone. His antics started out small: replying to ALL her Instagram stories, commenting on all her posts. Texting her good morning/night everyday. Escalated to visiting her room at hall even after he graduated.

Recently she went out for dinner with him. She thought it was an alumni-junior gathering but turns out he blindsided her, un-invited everyone and essentially forced a date with him on her. Like I said, she is really mellow and passive so she just went through with it. Other than this situation of manipulated circumstance, she has always rejected his advances.

Today I found out that he has previously:

  1. Hacked into her NUS account, checked out her timetable and actively looked for her during her downtime

  2. Hacked into her CDC account (driving lessons) to check out her schedule

She finally told him she needed space and stopped talking to him. But now, because of that, he is at our church.

“Maybe he just wants to go to church and so happens it is the one you go to?”

BUT He is a Church Antagonist. Meaning he opposes the idea of Christianity. He has openly made fun of my sister’s faith in front of her multiple times.

I’m so freaking worried but also so grateful that we don’t have firearms in SG because if this was in USA, I would legit be fearing for her life.

Any advice? Our parents know and they are on the lookout but otherwise nothing is being done. How can I, put simply, get him to fuck off?


“Nice Guy” stalker hacked into her accounts

Long story short, her sister’s male senior aged 26, has allegedly stalked her obsessively on social media — and hacked into her online accounts.

While being creepy necessarily isn’t a crime – although it should be – hacking into a person’s account is definitely a no-no.

Under the Computer Misuse Act Of 1993, unauthorised access to computer material can land you a fine of up to $50,00 and imprisonment of up to 7 years.

To supplement the hacking, the creepy boy also tricked her sister into going on a date with him.

When she asked for some space, he joined her church despite “oppos(ing) the idea of Christianity”, in the hopes of getting closer to her.

Oh boy…

Redditors react rather maturely

Reddit, being a wholesome and totally not toxic community, was having none of this though.

There was widespread disapproval of the guy and his actions.

1. Many pointed out that the guy wasn’t “nice”



There was a general consensus that the boy’s behaviour didn’t make him a “nice guy” at all.

2. Some gave useful advice



Others advised her to call the cops to lodge a report immediately.

3. Others offered to step in



Finally, some netizens offered to help to step in to teach this ‘nice guy stalker’ to respect her sister’s privacy.

A stalker or a suitor?

We truly hope this situation gets resolved without anyone getting hurt.

What do you think? If this guy truly did these things to his NUS junior, is he a creepy stalker or an overeager suitor?

Featured image from ConnectedtoIndia.

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