Old School Biscuit Shop Sells Childhood Favourites At Chong Pang

Most of us would instantly recognise the nostalgic old school biscuit shops from wet market visits. Shops that sell wares like these are getting rarer by the day.

Thankfully, a shop selling these biscuits has sprung up at Block 103 in Chong Pang City, Yishun.

Old school biscuit shopSource

It is aptly named ‘Good Old Days’. Let’s check out what they have for us in store.

Chong Pang shop has many old school biscuit choices

As children, most of us would have a go-to biscuit to snack on.

Fortunately, this shop has a multitude of tins to choose from.

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Fans of sweet pineapple jam biscuits will rejoice as there are tin-loads of them.

Old fashioned pineapple jam biscuitsSource

Those who prefer the fluffier wafers will be spoilt for choice with different flavours on display, from chocolate to strawberry.


Those who liked those unbreakable ‘pig ear’ biscuits will not be left out. We remember that these were impossible to chew on.

Pig ear biscuitsSource

Biscuits sell at $1.10/100g

Perhaps the best part about these old school biscuits is their price which comes at an affordable $1.10/100g for some options.


Perhaps they may not go as low as wet market prices of old, but it’s worth it for a trip down memory lane.

Head down to relive childhood memories

Though we have all grown up, these old school biscuits still hold a special place in our hearts.

Old school biscuit shop at marketSource

Though shops selling these old-fashioned biscuits are becoming hard to come by, when one looks hard enough, a hidden gem like this Chong Pang shop will surprise you.

What was your favourite biscuit to munch on when you were a kid? Let us know in the comments below.

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