King Cobra Hangs Out On Tree In MacRitchie, Netizen Warns Hikers To Be Careful

King Cobra Spotted At MacRitchie Nature Trail, Netizen Hopes Parkgoers Stay Alert

Singapore is home to creatures of all shapes and sizes. While some, like our resident otters, may be cute and mischievous, others like the king cobra may be dangerous to humans if we get too close for comfort.

On 14 Feb, a netizen shared 2 videos of what appeared to be a king cobra dangling from a tree at the MacRitchie Nature Trail.

Having parkgoers’ safety in mind, he advises anyone visiting the Nature Trail to be careful when they’re there.

King cobra swings wildly from tree

In a post in Facebook group Singapore Wildlife Sightings, netizen Mr Masnashzreen shared a wild encounter with a king cobra at MacRitchie Nature Trail, a popular haunt for hikers and joggers.

The venomous reptile could be seen whipping around from a tree, to the fascination of a group of parkgoers.

King CobraSource

Some could be seen approaching the snake to capture it on camera. One was bold enough to get rather close to the reptile, which we wouldn’t encourage, as the Wildlife Reserves Singapore (WRS) deems them venomous.


Perhaps considering this factor, Mr Masnashzreen told MS News that he hopes parkgoers will be more cautious.

Keep a distance from snakes

Not only is the king cobra venomous, WRS also states that it’s “the largest venomous snake in the world”.

Hence, like general snake encounters, it’d probably be best to keep a safe distance.

In such situations, NParks advises us to keep calm, and avoid trying to handle the snake ourselves.

Coming across them in our own homes is a different matter, though NParks has some tips on what you can do. If all else fails, you can always call them at 1800-476-1600 to get expert assistance.

Be alert when enjoying Singapore’s green spaces

Thankfully, venomous or not, snakes tend to avoid people, since they’re as wary of us as we are of them.

If you do encounter a king cobra or any kind of snake when jogging or hiking in a nature park, do remember to keep a safe distance as a precaution.

There’s nothing wrong about being curious, but it’s also a good idea to admire animals like the beautiful, albeit venomous, king cobra, from as far away as possible.

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Featured image adapted from Facebook.

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