Passer-By Captures Zouk Otters Crashing Wedding Photoshoot, In Search Of Happy Couple In Pic

Enthusiast Who Caught Zouk Otters In A Wedding Photoshoot Searches For Couple

By now, otters have become an almost quintessential part of Singapore that not hearing about them would feel odd.

Encountering them in person leaves the strongest impact, however, as an enthusiast who witnessed Zouk otters crashing a wedding photoshoot would testify.

Otter lover Myottermelon captured that precious moment exactly a year ago, and is now hoping to track down the couple in the photo.

Zouk otters scurry across ongoing photoshoot

Wedding photoshoots tend to be beautiful and intimate affairs, as couples and their closest friends dress to the nines for pictures.

Capturing a major event for posterity, one would expect such photos to turn out classy and sophisticated.

But for a young Singapore couple and 6 of their loved ones, things didn’t quite turn out that way. As they were gleefully posing for pictures, an otter dad nonchalantly scurried along, with a pup in his mouth.


Instead of grumbling about a ruined photo, all of their reactions were quite the opposite.

Most had wide smiles on their faces as they watched the otters hurry along, while 1 man had his mouth open in awe of the rare sight.

Clearly, though the disruption was unexpected, it was a pleasant surprise for everyone.

Otter lover captures priceless moment

As if stars were aligning that day, otter lover and photographer behind Myottermelon happened to be there, with a camera ready.

She captured the exact moment everyone turned to marvel at the otters passing by, all smiles. Unable to forget this moment, she’s now in search of the couple in the photo.

Myottermelon shared this intention in a Facebook post yesterday (12 Jan).


Noting that the incident had happened exactly a year ago (12 Jan 2020), she shares how everyone was “so delighted” and “fortunate to witness and catch this priceless moment.”

Since the Myottermelon page had not existed then, she didn’t have the opportunity to share the photo anywhere.

But now with the platform, she’s hoping to find the couple and send them the photo.

Hope couple will receive precious wedding memento

Beyond a happy coincidence, the photograph captured a beautiful memory for a couple stepping into a new phase of life.

Therefore, we hope that Myottermelon will be able to track them down and reunite them with this precious memento.

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Featured image adapted from Myottermelon on Facebook.

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